Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Tom Petty speaks to the heart.  Whatever your situation in life, he has written and recorded a song that will tell your tale.  I’ve composed a list of fifteen Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ songs that every woman should know.  Some are sad, some are upbeat, but all are quintessential Tom Petty. He was placed on this earth to write beautiful lyrics and he continues to do so.  I chose these songs because they speak to me as a woman and I thought that they might do the same for you.

 Photo Credit on All Images: © 2014 Ian Anderson
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1.  The Best of Everything/Southern Accents
This song is one of my very favorites.  I wish everyone the best of everything.

2.  Insider/Hard Promises
Beautiful, but somber ballad about not feeling loved. (Stevie Nicks provides background vocals)

3.  Listen to Her Heart/You’re Gonna Get It!
The powerful song is about a woman who does just that – listens to her heart and chooses the narrator over a guy whose all flash and no substance.

4.  Rhino Skin/Echo
A song about being tough in a world that’s going to beat you down every chance it gets.

5.  Time to Move On/Wildflowers
An upbeat piece urging the listener to know when it’s time to move on in life.  This is a great song if you are starting anew.

6.  Refugee/Damn the Torpedoes
This is one of Tom Petty’s biggest hits and for good reason.  I saw him on the front row in Tampa, Florida and it felt like he was singing this song to me.  The words speak for themselves.  For me, they are about feeling isolated and wanting to break free of your current life.

7.  American Girl/Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
A staple during Tom Petty’s tours and it even made an appearance in one of my favorite movies, The Silence of the Lambs, this classic song is upbeat and cheerful and leaves you with a smile.

8.  I Should Have Known It/Mojo
This is a song about looking back with regret and resolve.  It’s classic Tom Petty.

9.  I Won’t Back Down/Full Moon Fever
This song’s title speaks for itself.

10.  A Woman in Love (It’s Not Me)/Hard Promises
An upbeat song about a woman who has everything, but him.

11.  King’s Highway/Into the Great Wide Open
I love the lyrics to this song.  There is no better song writing that this!  It’s an upbeat song about waiting for good fortune.

12.  Honey Bee/Wildflowers
This song rocks!  That’s all I can say about this awesome song.

13.  Wildflowers/Wildflowers
Another beautiful ballad that showcases Tom Petty’s amazing vocals.

14.  Damaged by Love/Highway Companion
Sad, somber ballad aboutDamaged by Love the perils of love

15.  Free Girl Now/Echo
Another wonderfully written song about a woman’s freedom