Coco Chanel was more than a couturier.  She had many philosophical pieces of advice that still resonate today.  For example, how irreplaceable are you?  It is true that if you are the same as everyone else, the you are very replaceable.  However, it is how you differentiate yourself that makes your irreplaceable.  Coco Chanel would know a lot about that as she is still famous for being one-of-a-kind!

How can you set yourself apart?  It is really quite easy.  Be yourself.  You are unique in your own way so choosing not to follow everyone else will cause you to be different.  I know that sometimes it is easier to go with the flow, but try to resist.  Make your own decisions and become irreplaceable.

It is difficult for me to pinpoint the exact decisions that you need to make to differentiate yourself from the others. I believe that you will know the decisions when they arrive because they will be pivotal in your life’s journey.

What is wrong with being different?  Absolutely nothing.  I am different.  I have made decisions in life that go against societal norms.  My husband and I have made those decisions together as well and we love to go against convention.  It is actually quite fun to skirt convention because it gets people’s attention.  People want to know the who, what, when, where, and why of your decisions.

There is also satisfaction in knowing that there will never be another me.  There may be someone out there who is trying to copy me, but that is all he or she will ever be: a copy of me.  I am living an authentic life full of purpose and making decisions full of originality and it feels great!  When you live life with this kind of vigor, it is hard to feel anything but irreplaceable.