As part of a series, in the next few weeks, I will be previewing some of the designers who will be showing at St. Augustine Fashion Week on March 4th – 6th.  I am looking forward to attending St. Augustine Fashion Week where I will be profiling a number of different designers while my photographer gets some great shots of their newest designs.  Today’s designer who I am previewing is No Sympathy Swimwear.

Founded in February 2015, No Sympathy Swimwear designs handmade swimwear that is unique in patterns and cuts. Their swimwear is different but reflects a look of confidence and boldness altogether.


In 2013, co-founder Kristin Nagle relocated from Delaware to St. Augustine, Florida to attend Flagler College. Along her journey, she has had the privilege to meet exquisite people who have motivated her to find interests in things such as surfing, photo shoots, and her most favorite: designing bikinis.

Currently, she is focusing on her swimwear company, No Sympathy Swimwear, with her business partner and best friend Gabrielle Walters. She has decided to use her time at Flagler College to immerse herself in as many creative projects as possible. In St. Augustine, she has blossomed as a person and she is looking forward to expressing her vibrant view of the fashion industry for the world to see.

Co-founder Gabrielle Walters’ first love was the ocean. It inspires her creativity each and every day. Living by the ocean her entire life, swimwear has been her favorite and most important part of her wardrobe. At an early age, she became fascinated by different swim collections and began studying a variety of swimwear materials, prints, and styles. She was amazed by the way swimsuits varied in design from coast to coast. She became inspired by many swimwear designers who were young and dared to stand out from the crowd. She started her own swimwear company, No Sympathy Swimwear, with the help of my co-founder, Kristin Nagle. Through fashion, she has found a way to express her love for the ocean.


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(Photo © 2016 No Sympathy Swimwear)

Target Audience

No Sympathy Swimwear strives for an audience who live an active and healthy lifestyle. As surfers, we know that it is extremely hard to come by a suit with no worries. We ended up having to wear sports bras while we were in the water. Because of this, we created designs that are fashionable, as well as practical, for water lovers.

Image 2(Photo © 2016 No Sympathy Swimwear)


Their inspiration varies. They look at vintage swimwear to reflect their retro styles, but also neutralized their line by adding knots inspired by sailors in order to reflect a futuristic look.

Image 3(Photo © 2016 No Sympathy Swimwear)


Influences in the World of Fashion

Co-founder Kristin Nagle: In the world of fashion, I am influenced by Sahara Ray, who is the fashion designer of Sahara Swim who also shares swimwear that yells a bold and confident look that I strive for.

Co-founder Gabrielle Walters: I am inspired by Mara Hoffman because she incorporates her skills of graphic design into her prints, and displays a sense of simplicity with intricacy in her designs. Mara also draws inspirations for her lines from traveling around the world and is able to incorporate them into her creations. She is wicked awesome. I am also inspired by Francesca Aiello, owner of Frankie’s Bikinis, because she is young and has achieved so much in the swimsuit industry. She proves that achieving your goals at an early age is possible. I respect that.

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(Photo © 2016 No Sympathy Swimwear)

St. Augustine Fashion Week.

Their spring line “2074” will be debuting vintage, as well as futuristic designs. The designs will reveal a nautical look with creative knot patterns, inspired by sailors, to complement the suits to give an edgy, more futuristic look. There will also be designs with bright pastel colors that will bring you back to a more retro time. They are very excited for everyone to witness what They have in store for them.


(Photo © 2016 No Sympathy Swimwear)

The Future of No Sympathy Swimwear

No Sympathy Swimwear intends on success! We have plans on spreading across the United States from East Coast to West coast, as well as internationally. We have plans to focus on mass producing, so we can share our designs to a larger audience at an affordable price.

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(Photo © 2016 No Sympathy Swimwear)

Website: No Sympathy Swimwear