Since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping a gratitude journal in addition to my regular activity journaling that I do every night.  It takes minimal time, but it very fulfilling.  I write in Jack Canfield’s Gratitude Journal which is pictured above and can be purchased here.   It begins at the beginning of the year and covers the entire year.  You can start at anytime during the year and just finish up at the same time the following year.  Each day has only five lines so the commitment to write is minimal.

However, it is what is contained in those five lines that is so powerful!  Each day, I write down all the things for which I am grateful or thankful.  It is really eye-opening how you begin to see the world when you begin to be thankful for the things in it.  Now as I go about my day, I think about things that I can include in my gratitude journal that night, however brief.

I wish that I had been keeping a journal like this many years ago.  It has improved my perspective on life so much.  Now I do not look at what is wrong with life so much as what is right with it.  It is really enjoyable to look at life from the side of “what is great and positive that I can put in my gratitude journal tonight?” rather than “what can I fill up my journal with tonight?”

If you have ever thought about journaling or already keep a non-specific journal, I encourage you to try keeping a Gratitude Journal and see how it changes your life!  I promise you that it is an endeavor that you will not regret!