Black & White shoes can certainly be timeless.  There is something about mixing these two timeless colors together that creates extreme beauty.  As a neutral, the shoe will go with almost anything.  From the most classic trouser or skirt to a cute monotone dress.  Just don’t mix too many patterns in your clothes with the pattern in your shoe or your outfit may become too busy or distracting.  Flirt with patterns in each!

These shoes from White House Black Market have an extra color in them.  They are black, white, and taupe adding to the already beautiful dimension of the shoe. It’s interesting because the pattern in these these shoes is so slight even though it’s animal print.

These shoes go with almost everything.  My favorite is a black pencil skirt so that i can show them off!  As you can tell these are very sexy shoes, probably because of the animal print, so I am careful where I wear them i.e. I’m a lawyer so I wouldn’t wear these to court.

Still, I would wear them almost anywhere else because they are so pretty!  I love that these shoes have found their way into my shoe wardrobe.

Another pair of shoes that I have are these black & white checkered heels with a smooth black velvet toe.  They are beautiful shoes even if they are a bit uncomfortable to walk in (you’ve got to sacrifice for beautiful, eh?).  I love wearing them with similar outfits as the shoes above although these shoes are more conservative, perhaps because they are not animal print.

As you can see, the shoes are actually a lot more conservative that the animal print White House Black Market shoe above.  I would wear these shoes to a deposition and even to court.  They are not necessarily traditional, but they are conservative enough for almost any occasion.

And another one from the back of the heel.