Spring is a beautiful time of year.  Everything is in bloom and starting a new cycle.  In many ways, Spring is like New Year’s in that you get the opportunity to start all over.  Except with Spring, the weather is usual beautiful and summer is right around the corner.  Spring truly is inspirational!  It is a time when everything that has laid dead or wilted during the frigid winter months suddenly comes to life!

Keeping with the Spring is like New Year’s analogy, the first day of Spring is particularly exhilarating.  It’s quite a renewal.  It does feel like New Year’s Day.  That is why I chose to get married on the first day of Spring back in  2003.  Yes, on this day, March 22, 2003, I got married and it was the best decision that I have ever made.  My husband is my heart, my soul, and my life.  Without him, I am empty.  I am nothing.  Ian is my whole world and I am a much better person with him in my life.  He is an amazing man.

On March 22, 2003, Ian and I were married on St. Augustine Beach, Florida before a small gathering of family.  We wanted a small, simple ceremony with just close family.  We were married at one of St. Augustine’s premier resorts so we held the reception directly after the ceremony at the resort. Again, it was just a small gathering, but that is what made it so special!  I wore a white, form fitting three-quarter length dress which was perfect for the beach and for photographs I was later told by our photographer.  Ian wore a white decorative shirt and khaki pants.

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Spring A Time of Renewal