As most of you know from reading my previous post, Tuesday was my wedding anniversary.  One of the things that my sweet husband surprised with was this perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs.  I absolutely love it!  I had been wanting a new scent to wear and this one is perfect.  Marc Jacobs’ crew actually figured out how to bottle up the smell of daisies!  This perfume mimics that smell to the letter and it’s so refreshing.

I go for a more light scent, rather that a heavier knock-you-down every time you are around me kind of scent.  I hate that!  You know the type that are usually worn by much older women.  They feel that they must knock you over with their perfume in order to get their money’s worth or something.

This Daisy by Marc Jacobs’ fragrance makes it difficult to overdo (thankfully).  The smell of daisies is not an overpowering one.  It is a refreshing one. My husband did an excellence job picking out this fragrance.  He knows me too well which is a wonderful thing.

So, yes, this fragrance by Marc Jacobs comes highly recommended by me.  It is a scent you will want to wear everyday!