Eiffel Tower 2

Everyone has that one treasured item in their wardrobe.  Maybe you have several like I do, but I have one that is truly special.  When I was sixteen, I traveled to France as part of my high school’s trip for students in the advanced French class.  I come from a small town so traveling to France was my dream come true!  We visited most of the country during our excursion from Normandy to the Loire Valley, but what really made an impression on me was Paris. It is a beautiful city that everyone should visit at least once.

Eiffel Tower

Paris was truly magical: the dining, the sightseeing, and the shopping!  Where I purchased my beautiful treasured scarf is probably at the most famed shopping plaza in all of Europe: Galeries Lafayette.  These photos of the Galeries Lafayette were taken by me (in fact, all of these photos were taken by me) and I could not have been more astonished at how beautiful the Galeries were!  It is one of the most gorgeous places that I had ever seen!

Galeries Lafayette 2

Galeries Lafayette Dome

What did I buy?  Well, I was a kid on a trip to Europe so I didn’t have unlimited funds, but I did purchase the following: two bottles of perfume – Chanel No. 5 and Lancome’s Tresor and the incredibly beautiful nautical themed French silk scarf from a small boutique in the Galeries Lafayette.  The perfume has long since been used, but my beautiful silk scarf still remains.  I wear it on special occasions and it’s always a conversation piece.  Mostly, the topic is that I picked it out and bought it when I was sixteen!  But, of course, the conversation always comes back to Paris and my time there.  I feel very fortunate to have had that trip and look forward to many trips to Paris in my future!  For me, Paris is the center of the universe!

Paris Scarf