Are you searching for that perfect summer dress that you can wear to most any occasions?  I’m here to show you dresses that are versatile and that will take you from a wedding to a garden party to a cocktail party and you’ll barely have to bat an eyelash!

In the series #SummerGlow, I’ll be introducing my favorite summer looks for all occasions and explaining why some looks can be worn to more than one occasion. I’ll also caution why some looks should never be worn to an occasion (white to a wedding – just NO!).

Let me know what you think of these dresses in the comments section below!  I love getting your feedback on my blog and I try to improve it based on your suggestions.

Here we go:Pink Orange and yellow summer dresses with jewlery
Both of these dresses are by Calvin Klein and make for perfect #SummerGlow occasion dresses.  The list is long as to where I would wear these dresses:  weddings, bridal and baby showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties, an upscale barbecue, dinner out with friend or your spouse.  The list is really endless.  I don’t know of anywhere I wouldn’t wear these except to an occasion that’s quite casual.  Each of these dresses are the “Little Black Dress” of summer!

Jewelry:  Discussed in detail below.

Shoes:  Because these are both bright, bold colors, I would wear a nude shoe or nude dressy sandal with each dress so as not to compete with the colors.

Closeup of turquoise necklace

This necklace is stunning and I absolutely love to wear it!  I pair with other greens or opposite colors like this pink orange dress here.  I bought this piece in New Orleans on Royal Street in the French Quarter from this Italian lady who makes all her jewelry by hand.  Not only is the necklace a statement piece, it always seems to be a conversation starter as well!

Orange necklace on yellow dress

I love this orange necklace that I purchased from Dillard’s!  It’s a bit heavy to wear, but it comes with matching earrings and goes great with the yellow Calvin Klein dress so the weight of the necklace is barely noticeable.  Again, it’s a statement necklace too, just not with the same history as my New Orleans necklace above.

Because of the lace detail on this dress, you could go without a statement piece or a necklace altogether.  You could just wear a pair of beautiful, bold earrings that complement the dress.

Dark Gray beaded bracelet

I put this dark gray beaded bracelet on the yellow dress outfit because I did not want to do orange and have the outfit appear too “matchy matchy”.  I chose this bracelet because it’s a neutral color and the gray goes well with the yellow.  The yellow actually sets off the gray color and make it pop!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my first installment of the #SummerGlow series!  I have plenty more outfits to show you so stay tuned.  While you’re here, why don’t you sign up for my newsletter below and get current updates on what’s happening with The Style Bouquet.  There might even be a giveaway or two for those who sign up!