*While I was supplied these products by Kiss My Face, all opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

Kiss My Face Quick Dry Deodorant

As seen in the photo above, Kiss My Face is launching new Quick Dry Spray Deodorants, which are naturally effective, aluminum chlorohydrate-free, and air powered spray deodorants!  These new air powered spray deodorants leverage the power of naturally effective ingredients, like Thyme, Green Tea, and Cucumber, to provide plant derived odor protection and antioxidant  benefits in a soothing , cooling spray.

Kiss My Face Quick Dry Deodorant


The brand new Kiss My Face Quick Dry Spray Deodorant is highly recommended by me.  I had never used a spray deodorant before so I was a bit skeptical to switch deodorants to test this product.  However, I was immediately pleased with the switch and glad that I had done it!  The quick dry spray deodorant by Kiss My Face is awesome!  It is super quick drying just as Kiss My Face claims.  You can apply the spray deodorant and put on your clothes immediately after the application without worrying about staining them.  The spray deodorants are also clinically proven to provide 24 hour odor protection.  I found this to be true as well because once I applied the spray deodorant, I saw no need to reapply throughout the day and I live in Florida, where the temperatures reach ninety plus degrees on many of the days that I was testing the products!

If you’re looking for a new deodorant (or even if you’re not), you should consider using Kiss My Face’s Quick Dry Spray Deodorant.  I loved the natural ingredients because it didn’t smell like chemicals.  I used both the sport and cucumber green tea fragrances in my test.  Both scents were very pleasing to the nose.  If I had to choose, I suppose I preferred the cucumber green tea, but that is only because I’ve always had a fondness for cucumbers and their fragrance.  I used the sport fragrance on days when I planned to workout.  The scent was a great motivator and kept any odor from my workouts away. Both fragrances did an excellent job at odor control.  I would highly recommend Kiss My Face’s Quick Dry Spray Deodorant!


Kiss My Face has generously sent me three extra full size quick dry spray deodorants as giveaways to my readers!  Would you like to try this product for yourself?  If so, please do two things: (1) sign up for my newsletter and (2) leave a comment below with your email address.  I will be picking three lucky winners at random by October 15th!