Posted on 11/7/2016
Updated on 12/2/2017

This Guest Post is courtesy of Brooke Burnett, a Blogger Workshop host, and owner of One Small Blonde, a fashion + travel blog created to influence young women to feel confident with their own personal style.  The Style Bouquet would like to thank Brooke for her excellent contribution to its blog!

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Fall to Winter Transition Style - Pinterest

Naturally, my fall to winter transition style is all about ease and comfort. Even before it gets really cold here in Texas, I’ve already bought some major must-haves items to compliment my already full wardrobe. This is when I begin layering. After all, why go crazy when the unpredictable seasons prevent you from planning your day-to-day? And, did I mention I live in Texas?!

It’s easy to take layers off if the heater is blasting a bit high, but impossible to fashion garments out of thin air, so be sure to head out prepared! A key to layering lies in the staples. The essentials that I keep on hand include over the knee boots, a couple of sweaters in solid tones, black skinny jeans and a long (warm) coat. As long as I have these main pieces (and a few extra warm accessories), I am all set for anything the season brings. Here are a few additional tips for transitioning to a harsh winter from a mild Autumn.

Fall to Winter Transition Coat

  1. Pick the right coat.

The coat you wear (and how you wear it) will scream things about your personality. What do you want it to say? Are you practical and going for comfort at all costs? Or, will you be heading out for a night of cocktails and require a coat that’s warm yet sleek and sophisticated? The more avant-garde fashionistas may want to sneak a peek at InStyle magazine’s top choices for 2016. Clearly, fur is coming back as are the extra-long sizes.

  1. Don’t pack away your tank tops and T-shirts.

Tank tops and tees are great pieces for a little peek-a-boo action beneath a sweater or cardigan. Short sleeves also add something a little extra OVER your long sleeved tees. Are you planning on lounging around the house or do you need to run out for errands? An illustrated short-sleeved tee is a fun piece to wear under plain, solid-toned long sleeved counterpart.

Fall to Winter Transition Minidress

  1. Also, keep your minidress out of storage.

Especially if it has long sleeves. Actually, a general rule of thumb when showing off one area of your body is to cover up the others. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a teenager playing with her mother’s clothes. Remember, less is definitely more.

Fall to Winter Transition Mix & Match Patterns

  1. Be careful while mixing and matching.

Some fabrics and patterns simply don’t go with others (like plaid and polka dots). To avoid looking like a hotchpotch, follow designers who have mastered the art of layers and use them as your inspiration.

  1. Flatter your form, regardless of layers.

Don’t sacrifice style and sophistication for warmth; it is possible to remain refined while keeping toasty. The trick is to pair one big item with a second form-fitting one (like an oversized coat over skinny jeans and zip-up leather boots).

No matter how you choose to layer, remember to make the most of what you already have in your closet. Also, keep these last few tips in mind:

  • DO enjoy lots of lace!
  • DON’T worry about white after Labor Day.
  • DO blend masculine with feminine styles.
  • DON’T go too furry when playing with coats and boots.
  • DON’T only wear neutral tones. DO include vibrant hues.