Published on 1/25/2017
Updated on 11/18/2017

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When you live in Florida, coats and even jackets can be impractical.  However, it still get chilly, especially at night, so what is a great choice to keep warm?  I find that the trendy faux fur vests are a perfect solution.  They keep your core warm while not confining your extremities and causing you to overheat.  While practical, they are also stylish.  Personally, I own four faux fur vests, but it has been so warm this season that I have only warm them once or twice.

This gray faux fur vest wears like a sweater in the back.  It is a very comfortable piece that goes with almost anything.  The faux fur feels almost real, but thankfully, it is not!  Instead of being a bit of an extravagant piece, the vest fits in my wardrobe nicely because it is so versatile and goes withe some many outfits.  This faux fur vest was definitely a great find and the neckline especially stands out!






















Gray Coller












Lavender is one of my favorite colors.  Therefore, it is no surprise that when I spotted this lavender faux fur vest while shopping that I had to have it. Unlike the gray vest above, it is not a sweater vest.  The faux fur makes up the entire vest.  The necklace is a lavender and pink crystal blend which reflects nicely with the lavender vest and underpinning.






















Lavender Necklace














I have had this white faux fur vest for a couple of seasons and I love its versatility.  The brilliant white will dress up almost any outfit.  For example, my Christmas Day dress was a green Calvin Klein microfiber long sleeve sheath dress.  It is beautiful, but it needs several accessories to dress it up. However, if it is chilly enough, I can just wear my white faux fur vest and the look would be complete. The vest is that strong of a statement piece.  The necklace which is white Swarovski crystals is definitely a statement piece as well.





















White Necklace













Finally, one of my newest purchases is this blue faux fur vest.  It is a casual piece that goes perfect with jeans.  It also looks great with white pants. Much like blue jeans, this blue is a neutral, so it can be worked into many different outfits, you just have to been cognizant of your color palette.  The necklace is an antique piece which was given to me by my mother-in-law on my 30th birthday.





















Blue Necklace