Winter Beauty Trends 2017

Most people think of spring and fall as the time to try refreshing new looks for a new season. We say what better time to battle the cold weather blues and cabin fever funk than winter? There are plenty of fun winter beauty trends popping up for 2017 for anyone who’s ready to say bye-bye to the typical blahs associated with the winter season.

From glittery eyes to glossier hair, we’ve compiled a list of trends to look out for before spring hits in a few months. There’s something for everyone!

Glitter, glitter everywhere You know what they say, all that glitters is gold. Or silver. Or multi-colored, like your favorite Wet ‘n Wild nailpolish from 8th grade. Yes, that’s right, like many ‘90s trends, using glitter on your face and lips is making a comeback! Apply it under your brows or slap it on over your favorite lipstick to feel extra fancy this winter.

Pastel Hair We know what you’re thinking: duhhh. Sure, we’ve seen lots of lavender, shades of light blue and even green in hair a lot lately. But faded, pastel hair tones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Specifically “blorange”, or blonde + orange. Bleached-out grey and light purple are still popular and complimentary on a variety of skin tones. We suggest heading over to a professional if you’re thinking of tackling this type of dye job.

Microblading Gone are the days of tattooed-on eyeliner. Now it’s all about the perfectly filled-in brow, right? Right. Microblading, a process that involves using micro-needles to enhance the natural shape of your brow line, isn’t cheap. But it’s permanent for up to two years, and there are a variety of skin/hair shades to perfectly suit your preferred palette.

Hair Masks The go-to for glossy hair? A mask, of course. Masks aren’t limited to just your face any longer! Sure, they can remedy dry skin rather quickly. The same goes for your hair – a nourishing hair mask can keep your tresses healthy and strong. They are typically applied like conditioner, but left on to add professional-like strength.

Artsy eyeliner Cat eyes are a classic, but this winter is all about spicing things up with artfully applied eyeliner. From modern, art-deco strokes to sharp angles, make-up artists have been toying with transforming eye makeup on the runways lately.

Neon makeup We’ve been seeing fluorescent and neon tones popping up in fashion all over the place during the last couple of years. Now it’s made its way to makeup. That’s right, from hints of neon pink to a touch of electric teal, models have been rocking these shades for a bold, fresh look for winter. 

Twiggy lashes Anyone worth their salt can conjure up a mental image of the waifish, beautiful ‘60s muse of Andy Warhol the second you hear the name “Twiggy”.  Remember her lashes? Those thick, doll-like lashes with maximum volume thanks to many, many coats of mascara were iconic. This winter, make your eyes pop with a few coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes.

Roses aren’t just for summer The end-all, be-all to winter beauty is something useful, versatile for everyone, and classic: rosebud salve. You can use it on your lips, hands, cheeks, nails, eyebrows (yes, it’s a great eyebrow tamer) and even your hair (those flyaways don’t tame themselves). It’s the perfect go-to beauty product for giving yourself a rosy glow during the cold winter months, and it will never go out of style.


It’s so easy to let trends and fun with fashion and beauty slip on by during the winter, when we tend to put ourselves and our looks on “hiatus” while we wait for the daffodils to sprout up again and the leaves to make their annual reappearance. It’s hard to feel fresh and lively when everything around you is, well, mostly dead.

But have no fear, these trends are here! They’re fun to try and most of them are easy ways to feel your most fabulous self. Frigid weather be damned, we want you to enjoy playing around with your look!

Whether you’re trying a new shade of “blorange” for your freshly-masked tresses, or a glittery brow paired with a geometrically-lined eye, cheers to the winter trends for 2017! Try something new and have a little fun along the way. We dare you!


Alana Mitchell

Alana Mitchell is the day spa owner at Skincare by Alana, beauty/skincare expert and licensed esthetician. Skincare by Alana is a popular online skincare shop for famous brands like Rhonda Allison, June Jacobs Skin Care and many more,. She doesn’t believe in beauty products that are not tried and researched, rather she is excited about natural organic day spa treatments that actually work. When she is not busy with her website or her day spa in Dana Pointe, California, she enjoys being with her family and newborn son.