Beauty BlendersAll the beauty vloggers you know and love are using it. Your friends can’t stop raving about it. What is this magical beauty tool that promises to help you apply your makeup in an easy and effective way? Well, it’s a beauty blender, of course. Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you might have seen the egg-shaped sponge around. If you’ve just purchased a beauty blender or you’re thinking about purchasing one, you’re going to love what we’ve prepared for you today. We’re going to teach you how to use beauty blenders and tell you why you should always choose a real one over any DIY product.

How to Use Beauty Blenders

Step 1: Moisten It

The golden rule of using beauty blenders is that you should never use a dry one. They’re made to work only when they’re moist (but not too wet). So just make it a little damp and watch it expand. The reason why it expands is because this will stop it from absorbing a lot of product. Before using it, make sure you’ve squeezed any excess water from it. While you’re using it, if you feel it has gone dry, you can spray it with some more water.

Beauty Blender Wet v Dry

Step 2: Put Product on It

One of the greatest things about the beauty blender is that you can use it with a lot of products, such as foundation, concealer, cream blush, setting powder, highlighter, and more. However, the way you put the product on it differs according to the product’s texture. For instance, for products that you squeeze out of a tube, we recommend putting the product on your hand first, and not straight on the beauty blender. For compact products, you can dab it straight into the pan, while for loose ones, it’s best to put some product in the lid first. Also, if you have to cover a large area of your face, you should use the rounded side of the sponge, while for smaller areas, the pointed end is more suitable.

Step 3: Use It

The trick to using a beauty blender is not to use wiping motions but dabbing ones. Continuously tap the sponge against your face and you will apply your makeup fairly easy. You might need to tap more than once in a certain are to make sure the makeup is fully blended. Also, pressing too hard is not necessary. Light dabs are enough for the beauty blender to work its magic.

Step 4: Clean It

The last step in today’s guide involves cleaning the beauty blender. Remember that you must clean it after every use. You can either use a special beauty blender cleaning solution or antibacterial dish-washing soap. First, use warm water to make the sponge moist again. Then, work the soap into it, lather, and then pour water over it until it runs clear. Place the sponge in a place where it can air dry.

Extra Tip: Stick to the Original

There’s this trend going around online of coming up with all sorts of DIYs as an alternative for a beauty blender. Most recently, someone even tried using a hardboiled egg to apply their makeup. Even if you feel like these DIY solutions are satisfactory, they’ll never be as good as the real thing. Not to mention that some of them are really unsanitary. Beauty blenders are cheap and replaceable, but if you take care of them, you can make them last. 

Beauty Blender Original

We hope today’s guide has helped you understand how to use a beauty blender in order to get the best results.


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