With fall in full swing, I thought it would be fun to check out some of the biggest styles going on right now.  You’ll love them!  They are practical, yet unique.  They blend past styles with current trends.  The best part is that they will go with existing items in your closet!  Let’s take a look at the seven top fall styles.

I’ve always loved Polka Dots, especially on dresses.  There is something very fun about the pattern.  When you walk into a room wearing polka dots, you get noticed.  That’s exactly how you will feel this fall in these beautiful polka dot dresses!

Floral blouses can be overwhelming, but with the right pattern and texture, they can be quite beautiful.  I’ve tried to demonstrate a variety of blouses to show how variable floral patterns can be.  They are a perfect match for fall and are a great statement piece for your wardrobe.

Bomber jackets have been on the fashion trend radar for some time now.  They are stylish and very comfortable to wear, they go with almost anything, and they keep you warm.  Dress it down with jeans, dress it up with a skirt or dress.  There is really no wrong way to wear a bomber jacket.

I love bell sleeve dresses and own a few myself.  This is a great trend for fall because the bell sleeve adds visual interest to an otherwise boring dress.

Box Bags are very stylish and compliment any outfit.  I chose some different styles and colors, but there are an eclectic blend of anything from avant-garde to traditional box bags available.

Faux fur coats are the ultimate statement piece.  When wearing one, especially one with print, pattern, or vibrant color, you are going to attract attention.  But that’s great!  You work hard for your style and now it’s time for you and everyone else to enjoy it.  Also, I’m really happy that it’s faux fur and not real fur.  I’m anti-fur!

Velvet boots look so luxurious!  They are so beautiful and you can find a color and style to match just about any outfit.  The heel height varies, but, personally, I can walk in a higher heel with boots on because there is so much support in a boot.