Rose Gold Spoon Brush Carousel

A few months ago, I purchased these rose gold spoon shaped brushes in an attempt to learn how to apply my makeup differently.  I wanted a smoother, more blended and refined complexion and, after much research, I thought that these brushes would do the trick.  I was right!  For anyone looking to up their makeup game, these brushes are for you!

The bristles are made of synthetic fiber which is both dense and super soft.  The brushes work well with any type of cosmetic including powder, liquid, BB cream, CC cream, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and most any other makeup product.  It’s important to note that these brushes do not bend backwards like some other oval spoon shaped brushes do.  They are very sturdy and a good for applying an assortment of makeup.

I have listed below my current uses for each brush.  Please keep in mind that each brush is quite versatile and can be utilized for a variety of different applications.  I’m just demonstrating my current makeup brush regimen.

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1.     Powder Brush

Brush 1

2.     Foundation and Primer Brush

Brush 2

3.     Color Blending Brush and Contour Brush

Brush 3

4.     Concealer Brush

Brush 4

5.     Highligher/Contour Brush

Brush 5

6.     Eyebrow Brush

Brush 6

7.     Lip Brush

Brush 7

8.     Eyeliner Brush

Brush 10

9.     Eyeshadow Contour

Brush 8

10.     Eyeshadow Highligher

Brush 9

Have you tried Oval Spoon Shaped Brushes to apply your makeup?
If so, what was you experience?