If you are reading this article, then you must have made – taking better care of your skin – one of your new resolutions for the new 2018! And that is great! The condition of our skin does not only poses the ability to either increase or decrease our self-confidence, within men and women but being the largest organ of the human body; it is responsible for many valuable roles and actions within. So thinking about all the important roles that the skin has, it is always a good idea to rethink and improve the way that we take care of the largest organ of the human body. In the following, we will share some amazing and simple skincare tips and tricks that you can make them your goal that you can achieve in the new year and with that – to improve the health of your skin. Let’s start!

Skincare goals to set for this new year!


  • Start applying sunscreen – Yes, it is winter and yes, most probably using your sunscreen is what reminds you of your last holiday which you have spent in summer, at the beach. And this is where most people go wrong. Sunscreen is not only to be used during your summer vacation; but you also get to protect your skin against the harmful UVA rays during all seasons. This is one of the best anti-aging tips as well! Apply a quality sunscreen whenever you expose yourself to the outside world.

Avoid Makeup

  • Avoid applying make-up – Dare to show off your natural beauty in this new 2018! Have you had the habit of not leaving your house unless you had a full face of makeup done? Well, how about changing things up and trying something new and effortless? Perhaps this year you could show off your natural beauty and let is speak for itself? Using too much makeup has been known to clog up your pores, cause acne and even infections, especially for those of you with oily skin. Brush your teeth and hair, apply sunscreen and a lip balm and you are ready to step into the world! Give your skin a break from all those makeup products that you have been using, and make your evening going out parties more special by saving your makeup looks for then!

Wash Makeup Brushes

  • Clean your makeup brushes – This is perhaps the biggest sin of any woman. Delaying your makeup brush cleaning, leaving it for tomorrow or next Monday or next week does no good for anyone, and it has caught you already. Now that you are starting a new year, perhaps regular cleaning of your makeup products will become one of your new effective habits. Remember – a clean makeup brush will decrease the risk of acne, skin rash and skin irritation. All that you need is warm water, baby soap and at least 10 to 15 minutes from your day. It is effective, it is free of any cost, and it is helpful.

Face Mask

  • Prepare a natural skin mask at home – At least twice a week, pamper yourself by preparing a natural skin mask at home. The homemade skin masks are a lot better and healthier than those that you will find at the store. Plus, there are millions of recipes that you can find online that involve different ingredients such as honey, milk, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil and sugar that you probably already have at home. Allow your skin to heal with the help of a homemade skin mask made with lots of love and natural ingredients.

Drink Water

  • Drink more water – Staying hydrated is important during the summer but during the winter as well. The cold weather has an extra drying effect on your skin, and dry skin is more likely to break down, get irritated and attacked by acne. So make sure that your body is well hydrated by drinking enough water every day. The best idea would it be to carry around a glass bottle with fresh water and a slice of lemon inside.


  • Try something new – Perhaps you have always wanted to visit a cosmetician and get a powerful facial or a face massage. Well, why not do it now? Let yourself experience new and fun things that are good for you but most importantly are good for your skin. Perhaps you will love getting a facial so much that you would start doing one at home every week!


  • Stick to your routine – Now that we have shared all of the important skin care tricks and tips, it is time to share the most important one. It is not enough to only try new things, what matters most is to stick to them. Once you plan out your skincare routine, make enough place in your life to stick to it and do not let yourself skin any part. If you allow yourself to skip let’s say – getting a facial once a week, then you will most probably do it again and again, and soon enough it will all be history.


Taking proper care of our skin will take a lot of motivation, time and effort, however, thinking about all the things that the skin is doing for us, it would be selfish of our side to do anything less. As the new year has started, it is time to get on the right track and start following a better skincare routine. And you can start by setting small but meaningful goals which are quite the quality skincare tips and tricks that your skin will benefit from. We have shared a quick guide that is supposed to help you set these goals by showing you what is the best way to do so. By following a proper skincare routine like this one, you will soon see as if your neck and chest wrinkles go away, the dark spots are leaving your skin, and your skin is once again bright, healthy and shining as it should be!

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