Looks can indeed be deceiving, but when it comes to fashion, there’s no harm in making your look just a tad misleading, at least when it comes to the price-tag. After all, many have skyrocketed their careers guided by the “fake it till you make it” piece of wisdom, so why not apply the same principle in creating the perfect luxury-like wardrobe until a time comes you can actually afford the luxe look?

One of the simplest, most alluring ways to mimic the opulence of a Chanel little black dress, the innovative spirit of a red cashmere coat, or the unparalleled class of a pair of Jimmy Choo boots, is through colour. Let’s take a look at the lush palette you can use to craft your own look-book without breaking your budget.

As black as night

As black as night

The essential shade used by Coco in most of her collections, black is the basis of any stylish wardrobe. You cannot escape its minimalist simplicity and allure, and since it goes with any piece, any occasion, and for any preference, you can easily mix and match it with your livelier items to tone down their vivacious spirit, and bring a dose of elegance to your outfit.

It’s perfect for meetings, cocktail parties, New Year’s Eve and whatever comes to mind, black makes it better – from a pair of high-waisted black trousers, your asymmetrical single-shoulder top, all the way to your favourite pair of black pumps, black makes life easier, and several notches classier, effortlessly so.

Snow white queen

Snow white queen

Often seen as the pinnacle and personification of power-dressing, a crisp white shirt has become the key piece in any business-friendly wardrobe. And before you think that white is boring and leaves little room for imaginative combinations, how about some frill on the collar, sleeves widening from the wrists, or a fun vest to seal the deal?

White is painfully simple to mix and match with other colours, and opens numerous opportunities for blends with other soft, pastel shades, all of which work brilliantly for a summer day in the sun, an outing with your team from work, or even a coffee date, take your pick!

Creamy camel

Creamy camel

It’s the colour of the timeless trench-coat, the perfect shade of your favourite leather tote, and a synonym for refined charm in every shape and form. The colour of camel is soft enough to be an accentuating piece of accessory, but powerful enough to be a stand-alone item such as a skirt.

In fact, the absolute top choice for incorporating it into your look is to add some camel coloured leather to your wardrobe – a bag makes a wonderful candidate – which will be your go-to piece for every day.

Luckily, there are brands who know that camel-coloured bags ooze luxury and never go out of style, so you can easily find your dose of elegance and inspiration if you click here.

Royally navy blue

Royally navy blue

In all fairness, the royal shade of blue can be a tricky one to match to the rest of your selection, which makes it an unpopular choice for everyday wardrobe, but it’s nearest relative, navy blue, comes to the rescue! This roaring colour of poise and domination lends a polished look to any of your business meetings, presentations, and pitches.

Wearing an elegant navy blue dress which fits nicely to your figure and allows you the freedom of movement shows just how much a little change in tone can go a long way in providing a touch of “haute” to an outfit. It pairs well with white, camel, and even some fiery orange, so you can create an exciting ensemble in no time!

Grey sophistication

Grey sophistication

As a child of black and white, grey naturally assumes a respected position in this range of luxurious tones that lends itself to so many wonderful combinations for all your needs. Grey blazers, woollen scarves, simple boots, and essential pencil skirts have for years been top choices for women of power, and due to its endless versatility, this colour remains one of the best choices for achieving that rich, but simple look.

To avoid a “moody” look of wearing too much grey, you can elevate it with the help of dramatic accessories, your most durable red lipstick, and by adding colours that will complement your outfit, such as powder pink, lime green, or even a splash of ultra violet for a more daring effect.

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