Katherine Kelly Lang, who is famous for her portrayal of Brooke Logan for a remarkable 30+ years on CBS Daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful, has created a collection of kaftans that are almost as beautiful as she is.  Founded in 2012, the ageless beauty’s collection contains beautifully hand-beaded intricate stitching with each kaftan made with pure silk.  This type of quality is not easily found, but easy to appreciate.  The designs are stunning.  Each one stands on its own as an individual.  The colors are most vivid and eye-catching reflecting the superior quality of the silk fabric.  The sophisticated hand-beading makes every creation practically one-of-a-kind!

I.    Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftan Collection

Styles change often as new designs are developed on the Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftan website.  I chose a few of my favorite kaftans to demonstrate on this blog post just how beautifully intricate the beading is and how gorgeous the colors are.

Photos below are copyright Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftans

II.     My Experience with KKL Kaftans

Not only do I admire this collection, I also purchased one of Katherine Kelly Lang’s kaftan‘s myself about a year or so ago.  It is still so beautiful and I get compliments on it wherever I go.  My favorite part of the kaftan is the ultra-luxurious silk fabric.  It’s so lavish and plush!  Here are photos of my kaftan from its best angles.

III.     Breakaway from Cancer

With a benevolent spirit and heart, Katherine Kelly Lang has devoted countless hours and committed resources to the organization Breakaway from Cancer.  Founded in 2005, Breakaway from Cancer® is a national initiative to increase awareness of important resources available to people affected by cancer, from prevention through survivorship. Also, Katherine Kelly Lang serves as a Brand Ambassador for the organization.  Additionally, she donates a portion of the proceeds from specific items located in the Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftan collection to the Breakaway from Cancer organization.  Some of those items include the following below:

Photos below are copyright Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftans


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