I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend an extra 20 minutes snoozing in bed than carry out a lengthy skincare and makeup routine. Problem is, I still need to look fab when I walk out the door in the morning and so I have come up with the ultimate 7 minute morning routine that allows you to steal some extra beauty sleep but still look like you put a ton of effort into your appearance.

After hitting snooze on the alarm twice (okay, three times) and making a strong cup of coffee, I find that cleaning my face with cold water is one of the best ways to wake me up, plus it also gets the blood flow going, giving me a healthy and natural glow.

While I’m standing in front of my bathroom mirror, I also take a few seconds to quickly pluck away any stray brow hairs. To keep my brows (and the rest of my body hair) in check, I do at home waxing (check my tips on waxing like a pro at hairfreeclub.com) and for some areas even at home laser. These both help to shave significant time off my morning routine. A total win.

After popping some eye cream on, I apply my moisturiser. I love a good two in one product and so if my moisturiser has a built in SPF, I am one happy gal. I pat this into my cleansed skin, and give it a few minutes to sink in before I start with my make up routine.

Makeup can take up a large chunk of time, but I’ve narrowed things down to five products that you can quickly slap on and you’ll look fresh, put together and that you weren’t up until 2am watching “just one more episode” for five times in a row.

Foundation: whether you prefer full, medium or sheer coverage, foundation goes a long way to even out your skin tone and make everything a lot more uniform. Pouncing it on with a Beauty Blender is the best way I have found, but a good buffing brush is a good option too.


Concealer: if you stayed up late the night before, you’re going to need to hide those dark circles under your eyes. Dot a bit of concealer over the area and then pat it in with your fingertips. Take a moment to conceal any blemishes as well if you need to.


Bronzer: I used to think that this was a total waste of time, but in actual fact, it makes such a difference! It takes you from washed out to wonderful! Bronzer does such a fabulous job of warming up your complexion that it’s worth spending the extra minute to apply some.


Mascara: to be honest, I feel like this is a non negotiable when it comes to make up. You can apply one coat to give the appearance of wispy and natural lashes, or you can layer it up to give a more dramatic and intense look. Whichever way you decide to go, mascara will help to open up the eyes and give them more definition.


Nude lipstick or lipgloss: foundation lips aren’t cute, believe me, I’ve tried to make it a look. Slap on a nude lippie to finish your make up look off, it’s super quick to do and really does make a big difference.

nude lipstick

See, your makeup routine doesn’t need to be too intense and you will still look great at the end of it! If you want to add just one more product, I would suggest a setting spray which will help to hydrate your skin as well as make sure that your make up remains fresh for the entire day.

There are a few other ways to streamline your morning routine if that’s something that you are keen to do. Things like laying out your clothes the day before, making your work lunch before going to bed and popping it in the fridge. Even washing and blow drying your hair the night before will save you tons of time in the morning!

The skincare and makeup routine will probably take you slightly over 7 minutes at first, more like 10 minutes if I’m being honest. But that’s still pretty darn quick and will definitely give you a few more minutes to snooze in your cozy bed or have that second cup of coffee. Because that’s what is needed when you’ve stayed up until 2am watching The Bachelor, right?

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