Having great looking hair is a thing that influences our self-confidence. Having to deal with hair loss, caused by any reason, can do a lot to damage our self-confidence. So what are we left to do other than to try and enhance our hair growth as much as possible? In the following article, we will discuss the most common causes of hair loss, but more importantly, we will share 10 awesome tips that will help you cause your hair to grow faster and more beautiful than ever.

Most common causes of hair loss

Perhaps you are using a certain medication that has hair loss listed as a common side effect. Or perhaps you are suffering from Zinc, Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 deficiency and that is what has been causing your hair loss. Hormonal imbalances, especially during pregnancy and menopause, and thyroid problems are a common cause of hair loss as well. Or perhaps you simply have a genetic predisposition to start losing your hair at an early age. All of these and many other factors can be the reason that has been causing your hair loss. In most cases, once you eliminate the cause, you can influence your hair loss to stop.

Hair Problem

10 tips to get your hair to grow faster

  1. Wash your hair regularly – Remember to wash your hair at least twice a week. Do it so by using warm water, not hot, and a mild shampoo that suits your hair type. If you are suffering from a severe hair loss, find yourself a quality hair loss shampoo that you can use to address this problem.
  2. Get your hair trimmed – Applying all kinds of chemicals, regularly using your strengthener or curling iron and exposing your hair to cold and hot weather does a lot of harm to your hair. That is why it is important to get your hair trimmed regularly. Get a nice trim every two months to get rid of anything that has been damaged.
  3. Give your hair a rest – Step away from any styling products, curling irons and straighteners as much as possible and give your hair a rest. Your hair is beautiful as it is and all that you need to keep it clean and let it shine on its own!
  4. Eat your way to beautiful hair – Vitamins, minerals, proteins – these are all essential nutrients when it comes to having great-looking hair. Remind yourself to intake all the essential nutrients through your diet and even use a supplement if necessary. You can even use a hair loss supplement such as Foligen – read a Foligen review to find out more, which combines all the necessary nutrients for fast hair growth such as Biotin, Vitamin E and C, Zinc, Calcium and many more to ensure that your hair is growing! Your hair deserves it!
  5. Use essential oils – Instead of applying all sorts of chemicals that promise to make your hair grow, you can use natural supplements such as essential oils. Mix Lavender oil, Black castor oil, Atlantic cedar oil, and Coconut oil and make a homemade hair mask that you can apply two to three times a week to get your hair to grow faster!
  6. Lower your stress levels – Stress has been proven to be a factor that inhibits hair growth in a study published in the American Journal of Pathology. Try meditation and yoga as the best techniques to calm your body and mind and get rid of any stress that most probably has been gathering up as a result of the busy lives that we are living nowadays.
  7. Get a scalp massage – Scalp massage is a real thing that will improve your chances for faster hair growth and long, healthy hair. Plus, it is a great technique that will reduce your headache and relief your stress levels. If you want to avoid any additional expenses, you can massage your scalp all by yourself at home.
  8. Prepare a nourishing pack for your hair – At least once a week let your hair soak in proteins by applying a homemade hair mask using egg yolks and yogurt. Let your hair soak up in the hair mask for at least 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water and a mild shampoo.
  9. Switch your cotton pillowcase – It has been suggested that using a cotton pillowcase can do more harm than good to your hair. Make sure that you replace your old cotton pillowcase with a silk one that will be beneficial for your skin as well, reducing the chances for wrinkles development.
  10. Be gentle with your hair – Avoid any pulling or any harsh brushing of your hair. Forget about high ponytails that put way too much pressure on your scalp. Make sure that you are gentle and loving to your hair as much and as often as possible. You will most surely love the results!


Hair loss is a problem that you want to tackle as soon as it occurs. It is a problem that you would want to respond to with a good fight. So why not use these 10 tips that we have shared with you and prevent any future hair loss as well as act to get your hair to grow healthier and faster than ever. You will quickly learn some new habits and techniques as well as learn that some of your old habits are the ones that might be damaging your hair. Go on and take a better care of your hair because it deserves it!


Guest Author Bio:

Evlin Symon is a freelance health writer from New Jersey. She enjoys learning about a wide variety of wellness issues and staying up-to-date on the latest research. She also is the author of many active blogs.