For Mother’s Day and any other gift-giving holiday, many Moms can be difficult to buy for.  I have assembled this Mother’s Day gift guide in the hopes that it will inspire you to find that perfect gift for Mother.  Please let me know in the comments below if any of these gift ideas were inspirational to you!

For the Mom who has too many scarves


But if she has too many scarves, get her this scarf rack, which she can hang in her closet and will keep her collection in order.

For the Mom who loves cashmere


Hard to think of a material (second only to linen, maybe) that moms love more than cashmere. This sweater-shawl hybrid (which is currently 50 percent off) is from Amazon’s house fashion line Lark & Ro.

For the Mom who entertains

wine glasses

Lenox Tuscany Classics Grand Beaujolais, Set of Four

When mom decides to entertain, make certain that she does it in style with this set of stemware.

For the Mom who likes the smell of lavender

eye pillow

Because, really, what mom doesn’t? This microwavable eye pillow that writer Hermione Hoby raved about sounds pretty darn great: “The thing is soothing as an object in my hands even before I plop its lightly fragrant weight across my eye sockets. The pillow is filled with organic flaxseed and lavender, which means that when you microwave it for 30 seconds, it becomes a warm, scented beanbag that immediately creates a state of relaxation … I’d liken it to throwing a blanket over a bird in a cage — my mind goes as flaccid as the pillow itself, and I’m fast-tracked to pleasant oblivion.”

For the Mom who likes her home fragrant


This diffuser will become mom’s new favorite thing due to way it makes her house smell so beautiful and fragrant.

For the Mom whose phone always needs a charge


She’ll never have to borrow your charger again.

For the Mom who loves to cook


A Le Creuset casserole that comes in a rainbow of colors, and is perfect for feeding you her famous baked ziti when you’re zonked out on her couch, watching Sex and the City reruns on Netflix.

For the Mom who likes to bake


A marble baking slab is key for serious bakers (and it’s also lovely to look at). Pair it with this marble rolling pin and you’ve got a nice twofer.

For the Mom who likes her merlot


A super-easy-to-use electric wine aerator. Pop it onto a bottle of wine, push a button, and then let the wine flow.

For the Mom who wants to keep a journal


This little memory book has enough space to write a line or two about what happened each day, every day for five years.

For the Mom who needs new pajamas


A pair of supersoft Eberjey pj’s that look quite a bit more expensive than they are.

For the Mom who needs a new bathrobe


We have known a few mothers who’ve complained that they get too hot in those fleecy robes. This lightweight cotton one is a perfect year-round option from Mom Brand Natori.

For the Mom who gardens

watering can

A decidedly non-dowdy watering can for tending to her houseplants that’s so handsome, it can be displayed on a windowsill.

For the Mom whose looking forward to summer picnics


According to writer David Schwartz, this picnic basket looks like “a hip weekender bag,” but actually is perfect for an impromptu picnic, including “an eight-piece stackable-container set cradled within the bag’s insulating material, which keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.”

For the Mom who drinks tea


If she’s just gotten into loose tea, this Japanese pot comes with a basket in which to steep her leaves.

For the Mom who drinks coffee

iced coffee maker

This Zoku iced-coffee maker turns regular hot coffee into iced coffee in just a few minutes. (You keep the stainless-steel mug in the freezer, pour in your coffee, et voilà.)

For the Mom who likes baths

bubble bath

Pair a comfy bath pillow with some honeydew-scented bubble bath. Throw in the wineglasses from above, and she’ll really thank you.

For the Mom who likes luxurious bath towels

bath towels

These organic towels hail from Imabari, the cotton capital of Japan, and claim to be “as soft and silky as cashmere yet durable enough for everyday use.”