Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to spend to look your best?  I’ve compiled the following tips to help you do just that!  These tips will not take much time at all, but will make a world of difference in your appearance!  With just a few extra minutes, you will look fabulous!

1. Set up an area on your vanity or bathroom counter to lay out your makeup and tools. They’ll be easier to find than in an overstuffed bag.

2. When you brush your teeth, also brush your lips to remove flakes. Then swipe on a tinted lip balm or gloss with SPF; you’ll get moisture, protection, and color all at once, without needing a lipstick and liner (or even a mirror).

3. Switch to a tinted moisturizer with SPF. It hydrates, evens out your skin tone, protects against UV rays, and is easier to blend than foundation.

4. If you like face powder: Pressed formulas are easier to use than loose ones and give good coverage quickly.

5. Choose big, fluffy brushes to apply face powder and blush. They will deposit a sheer wash of color that’s easy to blend.

6. Instead of using a separate concealer and brush, dip a Q-tip into your liquid foundation and tap it on blemishes.

7. For the quickest hit of radiance, skip foundation and powder; instead, dust bronzer on your cheeks, chin, and around your hairline.

8. A pencil eyeliner is easier to handle (and so, quicker) than a liquid or gel.

9. On mornings when you need a fast eye brightener, trace a creamy nude liner pencil on your lower inner rims, or dip a Q-tip in a light taupe shadow and run it under your lower lashes.

10. Before you apply mascara, roll the brush on a tissue to get rid of clumps so that they won’t end up on your lashes (where you’ll waste time getting them off).

11. Instead of reapplying your makeup halfway through the day, spray on a finishing mist, and then pat your face with a dry makeup sponge.

12. It takes a lot of time to fight your hair’s natural texture, so choose a cut that complements it.

13. When you don’t have time to style your bangs (or they’re just not cooperating), use a wide (two-inch) headband to smooth them back. The band will look most stylish positioned close (about half an inch) to the hairline.

14. If your hair looks dirty, spray the roots with hairspray—the alcohol in it absorbs excess oil.

15. To boost volume or disguise your roots, zigzag your part or move it to the opposite side.

16. For quick volume, flip your head upside down, spritz your roots with hairspray, lift your head up, and then massage your scalp for a few seconds.

17. When you’re too tired for soap and water, reach for a cleansing wipe to take off your makeup.

18. Replace your regular soap with a foaming shower oil or hydrating body wash so you can clean and moisturize at the same time.

19. Always use shaving gel. It gives you a closer shave so you won’t have to use your razor as often, and it’s hydrating.

20. Shrink a pimple fast with a dab of hydrocortisone cream. It brings down swelling and soaks in quickly, so you can apply concealer immediately.

21. If you’re prone to breakouts, don’t apply an acne treatment to every blemish (especially on your chest or back); instead, use an acne cleanser on your face and body in the shower. Let it treat your skin while you shave or condition your hair out of the shower stream, then rinse.