Summer is on its way, and with it, the need to have a look that can go from day to night in 60 seconds or less. As the days heat up, it’s important to be comfortable yet professional during business hours, while ready to transform into a fabulous party look for the night.

Day to Night: What to Wear

 We all know our must-haves for our summer staples: sundresses, sandals, sunglasses, and statement jewelry. But when it comes to covering up for our work days and dressing down for a fun night on the town afterwards, things can get a little complicated. Instead of taking a second bag of party clothes to work, you can plan your outfits for a day to night transformation. Read on for our favorite pieces to fit your office look and party fashion.

  1. Skirts


Skirts, when chosen with care, can be work-appropriate yet sexy enough to wear afterward to the bar for some drinks . Choose a skirt with a fun print or pop of color that fits your office standards. Once you’re off the clock, you can take off your blazer and give your hips a little breathing room. With a strapless top or sleeveless blouse on top, you’ll be sure to turn heads while keeping cool.

  1. Jackets


Instead of pulling a Clark Kent in the office bathroom, keep your party blouse on during work hours, hidden cleverly under a smart jacket. With the right blazer or coat, you’ll be able to look the part of the professional employee, while fully prepared to party once the day ends.

  1. Jewelry/Accessories


Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are a great way to make a statement of not just your adorable outfit but your fun personality. While these items may make a work outfit a bit inappropriate, they are an excellent option to put on once you leave the 9-5. Keep your accessories handy in your purse or work bag, taking the time to put them on as you head out to your after work party.

  1. Shoes


Office shoes and party shoes can be one and the same. Instead of wearing those uncomfortable high heels to work tomorrow, slip into a pair of patterned flats or wedges instead. When you wear a classy pair of painless shoes, you’ll be ready for what the night has to bring, whether you go out dancing or go for a bite at the end of the day.

  1. Printed Dress

printed dress

Much like the skirt, the printed dress is a great option for a day-to-night look. With little to no effort, your daytime outfit will look just as good on the dancefloor as it did in the office. Simply pair your printed dress with your blazer of choice and enjoy the day as you wait for your night of fun with the girls.

  1. The Camisole


You could wear a button-down long-sleeve shirt underneath your work blazer or you could opt for a sleek and sexy camisole. Consider a solid color like blue, black, white, or grey to fit for your office attire. Once the night begins, your simple camisole will look perfect in any party atmosphere. A bold necklace or fun light scarf can add an easy pop of color too.


Having a fun night after work is what summer is all about. As you plan out your looks for this next season, be sure to try out these six tips. By adding a little bit of party fashion to your daytime attire, you’ll be able to slip into something sexy as soon as your workday ends.

Guest Author Bio:

Annie Grace Fleming is a Public Relations Specialist for Pink Coconut Boutique. She regularly produces content for a variety of blogs that cover topics ranging from boutique clothes and shoes to jewelry.