If you are planning a wedding, one of the best ways to determine your color palette is to look at other weddings and find some inspiration there.  No matter what season you have scheduled your wedding, you can find just the right color combination that thrills you!  I have located some of the more popular wedding color schemes and listed the below.  I hope that you will find the inspiration that you need to decide on your own wedding colors!

1. Red, Yellow, and Orange

This warm color combinations works throughout the year, but it is especially appropriate for a fall wedding.  This bouquet features a variety of different roses in a trio of hues.

Red, Yellow, and Orange

2. Green and White

In an otherwise all-white event, adding a touch of greenery is one of the most classic wedding color palettes.  Greenery is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017.

Green and White

3. Pastels

A common color scheme is pastels, especially for a spring wedding.  Pictured here is blush and powder blue.


4. Metallics

Silver and gold and any other metallic color combination are perfect for New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve weddings.  It’s quite festive and perfect for the occasion.


5. Red and White

Red is a favorite color for weddings because it symbolizes love and luck. White is a great color with which to pair it as it will not overwhelm the radiance and power of the red.

Red and White

6. Jewel Tones

Emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst—possibilities abound among the jewel tones!  This wedding cake demonstrates the beauty of choosing jewel tones.

Jewel Tones

7. Pink, Purple & Green

For a tropical wedding, mix magenta, violet, and verdant green to create an ocean breeze ambiance.

Pink, Purple, and Green

8. Purple and Cream

Purple ranges from luxurious to peaceful, depending on the hue used. For a clean color palette, pairing it with neutrals, as in this arch, is a great choice.

Purple and Cream

9. Blue, Yellow and Green

This combination is definitively cheery, whether you use turquoise and lemon (shown in this tablescape), cornflower and goldenrod, or another happy mix.

Blue, Yellow, and Green

10. Yellow, Orange and Green

Give your event a glowing effect with fiery colors in more subdued hues. This bouquet is sunny and lovely.

Yellow, Orange, and Green

11. Pink, Red and Blue

Berry shades are appealing to brides and grooms that desire a rich colorscape. Best of all, tons of flowers come in the colors, like those in this arrangement, so there’s no shortage of ways to bring these shades into your day.

Pink, Red, and Blue