Stacking your jewelry is the easiest way to get more mileage out of your collection. Most days, you probably settle for reaching for your same trusted ring, favorite necklace, shiniest bracelet or a combo of all 3.  A lot of women have always been told “less is more”, which means you probably leave a lot of your pieces sitting and collecting dust in the box.

But, the main problem with jewelry is that, sometimes, you may not feel confident wearing it a certain way. Especially items like chokers, dainty necklaces, or those Peter Pan collar necklaces. With these popular fashion trends, it sometimes seems like the only people who can wear them are fashion bloggers, celebrities, and that one super cool girl you always see in passing that leaves you wondering, “just how does she pull that off?”



Well, if you’ve been curious about this particular trend but aren’t super sure how to wear it, check out these 5 ways to layer like a pro.

Start with a Choker

 String Choker Necklace

The choker is the foundation for the entire necklace ensemble. It can anchor your entire look and keep things in perspective if you’re worried about how many necklaces to wear or how long you want the necklaces to go. For a chic feel, you will want the choker to sit right at the collarbone and to be the thickest piece out of all of them. Right now, metal chokers, velvet chokers, and lace chokers are super popular. If you’re into more of a boho chic vibe, crystal chokers are also hot right now. You can then start to add long necklaces until you feel you’ve achieved that perfect stack. Your longest necklace can have a pendant on it to really add some drama and intrigue. Don’t be afraid to wear necklaces that are close to each other in length. There’s no exact science here.

Mixing Weights

You’ve probably seen several very dainty metal necklaces worn at the same time. But really, you can have some fun with it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match weights. Pair a heavy or thick item of jewelry with a dainty one. It’s  all about keeping things fun and making a statement. So you can have one big bold, heavy piece and then mix in dainty and lighter weighted ones. You can wear necklaces with pendants, charms, tassels, beads or anything that really strikes your fancy. There’s no real guideline to this! So, be bold and play around with some seriously fun statement pieces. 

Arm Candy

 Bracelets with Clutch

Stacking bracelets is a fun way to adopt this trend if you’re not big on necklaces. When decking yourself out, you can choose from watches, dainty bracelets, or eye-catching bracelets. Subtle or bold—it’s really whatever your heart desires. This look is best paired with a simple outfit. So, you can dress up a pair of jeans and tee with some head-turning accessories. You can also wear some sweet arm candy with a pretty sundress or maxi dress. Don’t be afraid to mix different metals (like rose gold and sterling silver) and textures (such as hammered, beaded, or polished) together for that seriously chic style.

More is More

More is More

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “remove one accessory before leaving the house,” but we suggest you should probably add one more piece before you leave. You know, just in case! You don’t have to choose between layering necklaces or bracelets. Go big or go home and stack your rings as well. Midi rings are still going strong. Again, there’s no such thing as too much. So, yes, it’s okay to stack your necklaces, bracelets, and rings all together for a look that’s truly you.

Mix It Up 

If your favorite necklace is gold, a bracelet you adore is silver, and a choker you just got is lace, dare to wear it all! Throw out every rule you thought you knew about not wearing silver, gold, leathers, tassels, and beads together. Those days are long gone! By mixing materials, you’re going to be creating dimension, texture, and a truly one-of-a kind style that only you can pull off.

Now You Can Wear It Like a Pro

Statement Necklace

Learning to combine different jewelry takes confidence. You’ve probably been taught to wear the bare minimum and that wearing too much bling is a distraction. If you’ve always found this accessory trend to be too intimidating, it’s time to start living outside the box! Don’t be afraid to pile it on. Who cares what the old fashion police used to say! It’s time to embrace something totally new.

If you’re not sure how to get started, just play around with what you have. You probably have a whole box of fun accessories just waiting to be worn. There’s absolutely no requirement when it comes to wearing lots of those sparkling pieces. Fashion is about self-expression and fun. It’s time you embrace your true sense of style and self. So, before you head out today, go ahead and throw on another ring, an extra bracelet, and maybe an extra necklace or two or three. Besides, who’s counting?


Author Bio:

Cassandra Cross is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast who has collaborated with industry insiders, from independent boutique owners to leading fashion brands.