Summer offers so many possibilities for strutting your stuff in style—whether you’re off to the beach or lazing by the pool. The key is in finding a flattering and trendy swimsuit that you feel amazing in and pairing it with the right accessories for a winning outfit that can easily transition between activities. Here’s a four-step guide to putting together the perfect outfit to go with your swimwear this summer.

Step 1: Find the Right Swimsuit

Find the Right Swimsuit

The perfect outfit starts with finding the right swimsuit—one that suits your shape, size, colors, fashion style, and that you feel super confident in. When trying on swimwear at the shop, move around in the dressing room with some jumps and squats to see how well the piece stays on (or up!) to avoid any embarrassing incidents when you’re in the water.

If you’re a keen lap or ocean swimmer, a tasteful one-piece modest swimsuit could be the best way to go—allowing you to show off your grace and elegance in the water as you demonstrate your expertise. Retro beach babes might go for a spotty two-piece to style with a vintage outfit while playing beach volleyball. If you’re more of a poolside model and have been waiting for the chance to show off your beach bod, go ahead and wear that sexy bikini you’ve been eyeing off all year!

Step 2: Pair Your Swimsuit with Some Light Clothing

Pair Your Swimsuit with Some Light Clothing

Once you have your ideal swimsuit, it’s easy to pair this with some light clothing to transition between activities—from brunch with friends to a day at the beach, shopping on the Esplanade, and drinks in the evening.

The shape of your swimsuit will be an important factor when choosing your clothing. For a sleeveless bikini or two-piece, a sarong or sleeveless beach dress works brilliantly (don’t forget the sunscreen!). For a one piece or swimsuit with straps, a flowing shirt and denim shorts, see-through tunic, tank top and wrap-around skirt, or sleeveless dress are all stylish options.

Combining Colors for a Cohesive Look

For the greatest impact, try to match the color scheme of your swimsuit with your clothing. For example, pastels go great with white, whereas bold colors really stand out when paired with black. The color palette you choose should bring out your skin tone rather than compete with it.

Finish off the outfit with a pair of comfortable sandals or flip flops in a neutral color like beige or brown, or in similar colors to your swimsuit for an eye-catching effect.

Step 3: Add the Practical Essentials with Style

Add the Practical Essentials with Style

What else will you need for your day out? A hat, bag, and sunglasses of course!

Hats and sunglasses are essential for protecting your skin from sun damage and also look fabulous. Have you set yourself skincare goals for 2018? Check out the UPF when purchasing a hat and go for one with a wide brim to shade your face, ears, eyes, and nose.

For carrying all your gear (valuables, water, a book and other handbag essentials), choose a handy beach bag to match with your outfit. Beach bags and totes are available in a range of colors, styles, and materials to go with your look—from modern canvas totes with printed designs to vintage-look raffia woven totes like this classic Southern Tide bi-color bag. Make sure you take a bag or backpack that’s large enough to carry everything you’ll need without weighing you down.

Step 4: Complete the Look With Some Bling

Complete the Look with Some Bling

Now for the final step—jewelry!

The amount of bling you wear for splashing around is really a personal decision. Some ladies enjoy the convenience of minimal jewelry when they’re in the water, while others relish in the opportunity to display their entire collection. As a minimum, a statement necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet, or anklet adds style and interest to your outfit. This piece should match the overall genre of your clothing (glam, boho, retro, minimalist, etc.).

For keeping track of time while you play, a water-resistant watch like the Longines Conquest 29.5mm Quartz Stainless Steel Watch is the best way to go. No watch is truly waterproof (meaning it will never leak under any circumstances), but a watch like this one that is water resistant up to 1000 feet is absolutely fine for swimming and scuba diving. It also won’t tarnish or rust. As an added bonus—the metal will sparkle and shine in the sun as you swim!

There you have it—four steps to accessorizing your swimsuit. Enjoy getting out in the water, remember to take care of your skin while soaking up the summer sun, and have fun!

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