When I sit at my vanity, I want as much extravagance as possible.  It’s my time to indulge myself in life’s luxuries.  Whether it is my makeup and skincare products and brushes or my collection of perfumes, I love all my beautiful things where I can see them.  I absolutely adore my Radley & Stowe Hollywood-Style Vanity Makeup Mirror!  It’s perfect for applying makeup evenly and for my nightly skincare regimen.

Front View of Mirror

The dimmable LED lights provide perfect light coverage of your face, neck, and decolletage.  It allows for the smooth application of makeup and beauty products.  If you are interested in purchasing this Hollywood-style vanity makeup mirror, you can visit Amazon.com and use the coupon code “10bouquet’ to receive a 10% discount.

Side Mirror View

As you can see, the mirror has an adjustable stand.  It can also be mounted on the wall if you choose.  This mirror is so versatile that it fits right into my day and evening makeup and skincare routines.  I also use it to style my hair as it is big enough for me to see my long hair strands in the mirror (17″ x 22″).  It contains twelve LED bulbs for even lighting.

I cannot say enough good things about this mirror.  The quality is superb and surpasses all expectations.  It has brought my beauty game up several notches with its even lighting, sturdiness, and usefulness.  Its quality is solid!