The Fall/Winter season is almost upon us so it’s time to get ready to add a few of the trends to our wardrobes.  This season’s trends are fun!  I can’t wait to add them, in some variation, to my wardrobe.  I have listed fourteen of my favorite Fall/Winter 2018-19 trends below.  Which ones will you be wearing this season?

1. Capes

Capes - Alberta Ferretti

2.  Check

Check - Versace

3.  Eighties Shoulders

Eighties Shoulders - Fendi

4.  Faux Fur

Fake Fur - Stella McCartney

5.  Flowing Gowns

Flowing Gowns - Valentino

6.  Fringe

Fringe - Valentino

7.  Knitwear

Knitwear - Hermes

8.  Layering

Layering - Chanel

9.  Leopard Print

Leopard Print - Victoria Beckham

10.  Padded Jacket

Padded Jacket - McQueen

11.  Scarf Prints

Scarf Prints - Versace

12.  Sequins

Sequins or Night Fever - Alberta Ferretti

13.  Sheepskin

Sheepskin - Louis Vuitton

14.  Western

Western - Isabel Marant

Check Out My “Ready-to-Wear – Fall Trends” Pinterest Board for More Inspiration!

Which Trend(s) Are Your Favorites?