How many times have you looked at the mirror and wished you were more beautiful? Regardless of whether you’re actually attractive or not, the pressure to look good in today’s society is higher than it’s ever been, and people, especially women, are feeling the consequences. It’s not just about looking pretty for your partner either – your looks can influence many things, from whether you get hired, to how easy it is for you to find friends. However, beauty isn’t all about the symmetry of your face and how you look on the outside. A lot of things come into the mix, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

If you want to know more about the kind of role attractiveness plays in your life and what you can do to feel better in your own skin, read on.

Attractiveness and employment

Attractiveness and employment

While we’d love to tell you that the only thing that matters is on the inside, the reality, sadly, does not reflect that sentiment. Physical qualities are important in job searching almost as much as the actual skills you possess, and employers are more eager to hire people who look good because they identify them as more competent. You’re more likely to get promoted if you are considered attractive, and a lot more likely to be deemed as “honest” by your peers. Even political candidates are more likely to be elected based on their appearance, and these are the people we want to have in leadership positions. In fact, if you’re hunting for a job or want to do better at work, it’s not a bad idea to start playing around with some basic makeup – it will make you look more polished and you’ll be deemed to be a true professional.

Beauty in relationships

Beauty in relationships

While we are obviously drawn to attractive people when looking for a potential sexual partner, our need for beauty goes further and can actually guide the way we choose friends as well. Beautiful women are more likely to flock together and form friendships, and we seem to feel like being surrounded by pretty people makes us a part of an elite club. Does it influence the strength of the friendship? No. But it is an instinctive reaction.

What does it mean to be pretty?

What does it mean to be pretty

Our craving to be surrounded by beautiful things could be a source of constant anxiety. It may seem unfair that looks are so important in life when you haven’t been blessed with a particularly pleasing set of features, but you have to realize that beauty is not, in fact, just about what’s on the outside. In today’s world, beauty also means health, it means being neat, and it means investing in yourself. It’s about charisma and uniqueness, about the way we smile and how we react to social situations. Insecurity will make the most gorgeous of people look far less attractive, but a head that is always held high and an unapologetic attitude go a long way in making us both look and feel stunning.

Taking care of yourself

Taking care of yourself

The way you style your hair to flatter your face is important. Not because you need to conform to a trend or a standard, but because you’re willing to work with your own unique set of features and celebrate everything you’ve got. Good skincare and makeup can make you feel pampered and feminine, and exercising and good food will make you feel healthy and strong. You need to take care of yourself in whichever way you deem necessary – whether it’s by eating more veggies or changing a flaw that’s been making you insecure since childhood. Fixing minor physical deformities such as protruding ears or a crooked nose can go a long way in making you feel transformed. After all, if reducing your ear size with otoplasty finally allows you to wear your hair in intricate buns the way you always wanted to, then it’s worth it. Taking care of yourself is essential to your unique beauty, and you get to choose how you go about it.

Without personality, looks are meaningless

Without personality, looks are meaningless

As we’ve said, beauty isn’t just about looks. It’s about the passion in your eyes, about the hunger for life and the willingness to drive yourself forward. It’s also about kindness and how you respond to others, how willing you are to help them. Complimenting others can, for example, make you feel more beautiful because it opens you up to positivity and good energy to come your way. In the end, it’s all a part of you, and what you make of your life.

The key is to simultaneously worth on your beauty and your confidence. Let one thing drive the other, and learn when to simply enjoy yourself and stop obsessing over tiny details that no one else can notice. Beauty is about feeling good and being happy, so lift yourself up each day.

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