Have you noticed that everyone is wearing a half bun these days?  It’s loose, casual and super popular with celebrities. Here’s how you can pull it off.

1. Create some beachy waves. This isn’t a time for stick-straight strands. Air dry your locks and use a sea-salt spray (or dry shampoo) and curling wand to add some effortless curls.

2. Keep the bun low. I love a topknot as much as the next girl. But this particular bun should rest back on the crown of your head. Right where you separate the two sections of hair–that’s where it should go.

3. Make one that works for you. Everyone’s personal texture (and preferred style of bun) is unique. Pull your hair through a hair band two and a half times, or circle your hair first and then wrap the rubber band around that.

4. Finish with a light-hold spray. Again, these are not the overly perfect strands of a homecoming dance. You want to keep the strands in check while also keeping the “I woke up like this” vibe.

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