The beautiful Fall is upon us and with it comes the warm, cozy colors of fallen leaves, Halloween pumpkins and fireplace flames. With so much natural beauty around us, taking inspiration from it is the perfect way to ace your autumn makeup color palette and today we’ll be exploring some of the best colors, tones and concepts that you can use to achieve the perfect Fall look. Let’s begin!

Orange (Peach, Mango, Pumpkin, Butterscotch)

Orange fall makeup

The Fall’s most popular color, orange is the king of the season. Be it lighter or darker, stronger or subtle, orange tones are a surefire way to ace this season’s makeup and it’s an essential addition to your palette. Not only is it versatile and easy to wear with anything but it has an uniquely alluring look to it that exudes charm, mystery, warmth and just the right amount of sexiness. If you can only choose one color to run with, orange is your best bet to dominate the season.

Brown (Chocolate, Copper, Rust, Stone)

Brown fall makeup

With the leaves falling and the trees starting to become bare, all the little sticks, branches and natural wood colors start to pop out into view. Embrace these smooth, relaxing earthy tones and implement them in your palette to get a really classy, down to earth look. Remember to not just stick with the classic browns but to explore the beautiful greyish tones as well to find some stunningly gorgeous looks. As a bonus, these colors match well with nearly all clothing and they have just the right amount of vibrancy while still looking subtle enough to be comfortably used in any occasion.

Red (True Red, Vivid Pumpkin, Cranberry, Plum, Red Maple)

Red fall makeup

The stunningly vibrant red that so easily catches our eyes within natural landscapes is just as striking and powerful on our face as it is in nature. Seemingly popping out and overpowering the softer colors, this is what you should choose if you want to make a statement. It’s fierce, bold and as sexy as it gets, offering you an aura of power and dominance that’s unique to this color. If you find that the bright and deep reds are too impactful or hard to pick clothes for (they need simpler, neutral clothes to work well), you can also go for softer, smoother variants such as plum reds which are easier to wear and match.

Yellow (Marigold, Cream, Honey, True Yellow)

Yellow fall makeup

Found predominantly in Fall foliage, yellow is a polarizing color when it comes to makeup. Some love it, some hate it but one thing’s for sure – it’s a pillar of this season’s look. If you can’t handle the bright yellows then you can also go for a more understated and dimmer option, trading in the flashy tones for soft marigold or near-beige ones. I personally love the loud and unmistakable look of the true yellow color so I highly recommend that you give it a try – you might just fall in love with it!

Green (Jade, Emerald, Pine Green, Forest Green, Lime)

Green fall makeup

Last but not least – green! From the deep forest tones of evergreen trees to the last bursts of green from the deciduous trees that turn yellow a little bit later, green pierces the competition and stands out from the rest. Depending on your personal preference, you can either go for the calm and classy deep greens (which are a breeze to use and perfectly complement neutral-colored clothes) or go wildly bold with the bright lime greens instead, both of which you can find all around you in the Fall. Rest assured that regardless of which tone you go with, you’ll make a gorgeous, in-season impression.

Bonus: Purple (Aubergine, Rich Rose, Sangria)

Purple fall makeup

Caught between the leaves’ transition from red to yellow and vice versa, rich, deeply colored purple hues also show up during the Fall. A luxurious and naturally charming color, it will give you a uniquely imposing look that’ll catch the eye of anyone that passes by. While it’s not an everyday look due to its complexity, it’s a beautiful choice for a special Autumn event. Be creative and you can rock the purple look!

In Conclusion

Popular for its unmatched level of beauty, the Fall is one of the best seasons to try out unique makeup styles. With so many drop-dead gorgeous colors to choose from, all of which blend in beautifully well with your surroundings, you’re in for a truly fun and highly enjoyable makeup experience! To ensure that you nail the details and achieve the perfect fall makeup, be sure to take a look at these inexpensive hollywood vanity mirrors – you don’t have to break the bank to get an excellent one. Now get those palettes rolling and ready up, Fall’s here!


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Joan Bardot is a professional makeup artist who has been passionate about beauty ever since she was little. You’ll find her at where she shares her expert knowledge on makeup mirrors and other beauty products with other people, always with a charming sense of humor.