If you are planning a wedding for 2019, this are is for you!  The main trends for next year are metallic accents, velvet decor, and alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.  I have assembled the hottest trends from Pinterest for your inspiration.

1. Flower Arches

Wedding arches are symbolic gates to a new life that newlyweds will begin after exchanging wedding rings and vows.  It is a wonderful symbol of togetherness, prosperity, and happiness.

2. Cheerful Wedding Ambiance Using Balloons

Imagine finishing your first dance with your new husband and then white (or whatever color you choose) balloons drop from the ceiling gently falling on you and your new husband.  Or envision a word such as “Love” spelled out in balloons.  There are numerous possibilities on how to incorporate this joyful addition into your very special day.

3. Hanging Flowers Decor

Many weddings and their receptions are featuring flowers that hang from the ceiling.  This is especially true for weddings in 2019.  Not only does this create more room in the church or banquet hall, it also provides a breathtaking view of the wedding flowers that you have selected.

4. Metallic Details

Bronze and copper are a brides’ inspiration in 2019.  Warm copper creates a pleasant atmosphere for everyone while bronze brings a rich, yet soft feeling to your wedding.

5. Beautiful Velvet Fabric

The use of velvet creates a luxurious, warm, comfortable atmosphere for your guests.  Whether it is a velvet couch, part of your tablescape, or worn as a shawl with your wedding gown, velvet has a myriad of uses.

6. Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding compositions from cakes with cupcakes, macaroons, and donuts among many other choices have become a beautiful alternative to a large wedding cake.

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