With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re likely to be attending a holiday party or two. Whether you’re attending your family’s annual holiday get-together, a colleague’s holiday party, or a friend’s festive dinner, taking a gift for the host to thank them for their hospitality is always a welcome gesture. Not only is a host gift a nice surprise, but it also shows that you appreciate the time, effort and money that’s gone into throwing a fabulous holiday event. If you’re stuck on ideas of what to bring your hosts this holiday season, here are five ideas for perfect host gifts that will definitely get you invited back for next year’s holiday party!


A bottle of champagne or red wine for the wine enthusiast

If you know your host enjoys a drink, you can’t go past a simple bottle of champagne or red wine. Not only is it easy to transport but you can make it special in seconds with a high-quality gift bag and greeting card. If you’re feeling like alcohol isn’t very creative, you could try finding a bottle of wine from the region where the host grew up (if they’re from out of town) or bring a special dessert wine such as Icewine which is popular in Canada.

A beautiful corkscrew for the wine connoisseur

Continuing on our wine theme, how about a corkscrew to tempt the host to crack open that vintage Cabernet in their cellar? The Grenville Society, the well-known company who started with the iconic Pineapple Corkscrew has expanded their range into other corkscrew designs, beautiful bottle openers, and candles. Their products are beautifully designed meaning no more rummaging through draws trying to find a corkscrew when it’s pretty enough to be displayed.


A cookbook for the foodie host

Know your host is a foodie and enjoys cooking? Instead of picking up a bottle of wine or holiday treats to bring, you could buy your host a cookbook that will bring them endless hours of joy and relaxation in the kitchen. Here are our current favourite cookbook options:

Christmas Baking

A homemade treat for the health-conscious host with a sweet tooth

Gifting for hosts doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise, especially when you can make something yourself. For the host with a sweet tooth or avid keto dieter, you could make a healthy dessert or sweet treats to bring to the party. There’s bound to be a recipe on this list of 101 low-carb recipes that will suit even the fussiest eater. For something easy to make and share, try recipe number 74 — Almond Coconut Bars.

A luxury candle for the glamorous host

Not sure what to bring the host who seems to have everything already? A luxury candle is something that will always get used. Additionally, it’s one of those gifts that’s easy to place in your handbag before you rush out the door. For luxury candles, we can’t go past one of the most popular fragrance companies in the world, Diptyque. The Verveine (Lemon Verbena) is a perfect candle for someone who likes a fresh scent, while the bestselling Baies (Berries) candle is great for those who enjoy sweeter, fruity scents.

Dinner Party

Remember, like with any gift, the key with a host gift is putting a little bit of thought into the personality of the person who’s receiving the gift. If they’re a quiet person who doesn’t drink much, a beautiful candle will probably be much more appreciated (and used more) than a bottle of red wine. You don’t always need to buy these gifts either. If you have a flair for baking or making crafty items, this is a wonderful way to show your host how much you appreciate their hospitality. Bonus points if you include a little hand-written note with your gift!