With all you have to consider, choosing wedding colors can be a daunting task. Some couples like to keep their wedding party in mind when picking their palette, so what are you to do when you’ve got a super diverse group of bridesmaids? Stick with a color that suits every kind of complexion — your bridesmaids will thank you for it!

1. Emerald Green

emerald green bridesmaids dresses

Not everyone can pull off every shade of green. For example, it’s hard to pull off kelly green, but a deep, jewel-tone shade is universally flattering. If you pick a rich hue, it may add intrigue without washing anyone out.

2. Black

black bridesmaid dresses

It may be the most obvious, but black is definitely worth including on the list. Black is slimming and timeless. Plus, black is so simple, you can mix textures or silhouettes.

3. Navy

navy bridesmaid dresses

If black feels too harsh, switch it up just a bit and pick its slightly lighter cousin which is navy. The super dark shade has the same feeling, but it’s a little softer than a stark midnight color.

4. Red

red bridesmaid dresses

Are you surprised? Every girl can pull off a red lip, so why not a red dress? Be sure to pick what they might call “true” red — the most solid, primary version of the shade. Taking it any brighter or deeper could cause some girls to look great and others to feel self-conscious.

5. Teal

teal bridesmaid dresses

Don’t get teal confused with a super bright turquoise or a true blue — teal is a deep shade of blue-green. Its the richness of the two hues blended together that makes this a great fit for everyone.

6. Blush

blush bridesmaid dresses

Not only is blush incredibly pretty and on trend, but it’s also a safe pick for even the most varied group of girls. A light pink brings out your best friends’ natural coloring.

7. Plum

plum bridesmaid dresses

Don’t just pick any shade of purple — lavender and mauve aren’t great on everyone. Instead, stick to a middle-of-the road purple such as plum, eggplant, or violet. The mix of warm and cools are what make this shade a fit for anyone.

Don’t see your dream color on this list? Good thing mismatched dresses are so popular! Remember that you can mix and match shades of one color so that every bridesmaid gets to wear a tint that suits her style.

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