Women, men, seniors, and even the young, share the same sentiment on a certain issue with our facial features. This certain issue makes a lot of people look more tired, stressed, and older. It’s also a common sign of ageing.

You may also discover that you’re a victim of this when you look in the mirror. What we’re talking about here are under eye skins or what we usually know as eye bags.

Why We Get Them

There are multiple reasons why we grow these horrifying features beneath our eyes. Look through our list below, and you may just find out why:

1. An Inevitable Sign of Ageing

Have you ever seen your grandparents without saggy skin under their eyes? We’re pretty sure the answer is no unless you’re thinking about a picture of them when they were younger. If you think about it, most elders have eyebags. This is because the skin loses elasticity and doesn’t produce as much collagen as we grow older. Unfortunately for all of us, our under-eyes are not an exception to this.

2. Sleep Deprivation

Tired Woman

This reason is very obvious and we’re pretty sure everyone knows this. When you don’t get enough hours of sleep, dark circles can form right under your eyes and may even cause your eyes to look puffy. Apart from that, lack of sleep also causes the skin to look paler and dull. This makes your blood vessels and dark tissues look more prominent, too.

3. Wearing Makeup 24/7

Makeup Palette

Ladies can relate to the fact that makeup is supposed to get rid of these dark circles. Contouring, which is a makeup technique that has gained popularity over the years, has also taught women how to properly use concealer and setting powder to temporarily get rid of those dark circles? However, constantly wearing makeup and keeping it on your face for a whole day will damage your skin and give you dark under eyes. This is because makeup is full of chemicals and products that can wear out the skin. Hence, we’re reminding all the ladies out there to go easy on the concealer and to always remove your makeup before hitting the hay.

4. Dehydration


We’re always reminded to drink eight glasses of water. But do we actually follow that reminder? When we don’t drink enough water in a day, our body is not only dehydrated, but the skin under our eyes can also look dull, giving our eyes a sunken look. Another reason for dehydration is also drinking booze which will suck the water out of your skin.

5. Genes

Do you have a long line of family members with saggy skin under the eyes or prominent eye bags? If so, that’s probably one of the reasons why you have them too.

Getting Rid of Those Bags

Now that we’ve narrowed down the common reasons for heavy and saggy under-eye skins, we’re going to move on to how you can get rid of them. Why? To look fresher and younger, of course!

Here are five rituals you can try out to deflate those puffs:

1. Milk on Cotton

To do this ritual, you’ll have to soak two cotton balls (one for each eye) in cold milk. Once you’re done doing that, squeeze out the extra milk, lay down and hold one cotton ball beneath your eyes. Do this for three minutes so that your skin really absorbs the milk. When three minutes is up, take away the cotton balls and clean the milk from your eye.

Then, apply eye cream under each eye and then place about an inch of paper medical tape on the under eye. The milk helps with swelling reduction because lactic acid restricts blood flow in the area. The tape will also prevent fluid collection on your under-eye so that it doesn’t become puffy overnight.

2. Cucumbers

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen women in chick flicks, ads, and other forms of media with cucumber slices over their eyes. Surprisingly, this technique actually helps with the reduction of saggy and puffy under eyes. Apart from cucumber slices, squeezing the juice out and applying it under the eyes using cotton is also one way to do it. After you’ve done either technique, wash your under eyes with water. Cucumber juice will tighten your pores and refresh your skin, thus removing those puffs and lines!

3. Eye Creams

If you don’t put anything on your face before going to bed, now may be the time for you to start doing so with eye cream. If you don’t have the time (or patience) to buy cucumber and milk, the nutrients in these products that can help with the reduction of saggy or baggy under eye skin can be found in eye creams. Plus, they’re easy to apply.

4. Egg White and Lemon Mix

Mix egg white and lemon and beat until you get a frothy mixture. Apply it under your eyes (and even under your neck!) and leave it on for at least fifteen minutes. Rinse it with warm water once you’re done. The egg white will help your skin to become firmer.

5. A Better Lifestyle

Are you fond of partying late, drinking, smoking, and eating unhealthy? It’s time for you to minimize your booze intake, avoid smoking and eat healthier.  All of these activities can damage your skin and give you heavier eyebags. Even if you didn’t smoke too, the smoke will still make its way to your skin’s pores.

6. Drink Water Before Bed

Remember what we said earlier about dehydration and how it can give our eyes a sunken look? Make it a point to drink a glass every night before you go to bed so that your skin (and the inside of your body too) is well-hydrated.

7. Sleep Early

It’s time for you to stop scrolling through social media or binge-watching TV shows late at night. Put your phone down, turn your laptop or television off, and catch some z’s to prepare you for the next day. Aside from sleeping earlier, you also have to get the right amount of hours which is at least seven to eight for adults. This will keep you from being sleep deprived and getting dark and puffy bags under your eyes.