While some might argue that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a modern commercial holiday, the origins of it actually date back several centuries. We’re not sure when exactly the day became dedicated to love, but some believe that Chaucer contributed to it back in 14th century when he wrote a poem called The Parliament of Fowls. The modern times might have changed it and made it all about expensive gifts and cheesy proclamations, but the essence of it is still the same—it’s about love and affection.

If you’re thrilled by the idea of this holiday but wish to make it more meaningful, then don’t worry. A standard box of chocolates and cheap flowers don’t have to be your go-to. For mindful gifts that will inspire a strong bond between you and your partner, read this list and pick something to suit your taste.

Nothing like a good book

Nothing like a good book

Books are an invaluable gift because they grant you a whole new world of insight. You won’t be just giving your partner a material object, you’ll be giving them a ticket to a fun adventure, a chance to immerse themselves in something thrilling and interesting. If your lover is an avid reader themselves they’ll be excited to receive a novel you chose, but you can also give them a poetry collection or a non-fiction book. You can pick something romantic or something completely unrelated to the holiday itself. If you know their taste and know what they might enjoy, feel free to grab that.

Warm, cozy socks

Warm, cozy socks

Fuzzy socks are the worst gift to give to a child, and the best to give to an adult. The older we are, the more we start appreciating little things in life, like warm feet and small moments of happiness. This simple, unassuming gift actually speaks of great love—it speaks of how much you thought about their comfort and how appreciative you are not just of big gestures, but of subtle signs of deep affection.

Personalized items

Personalized items

The best way to make sure your loved one enjoys their present is to give them something with a personal touch. If you’re shopping for your boyfriend or husband you should also pick something that’s practical—most men enjoy getting things that they can use on a daily basis. In order to choose good Valentine’s Day gifts for him, go for something like a monogrammed print, a set of pillowcases with a custom message on them, or maybe some a nice wooden box for his cuff links. Does he like to cook? Then get him a chopping board with his name on it. Does he play the guitar? Get him a personalized guitar pick. You get the gist—find something that shows how well you know him and he’ll feel cherished.

Homemade baked goodies

Homemade baked goodies

A commercial box of chocolate is a very nice gift, however something you baked on your own is a much better idea. You’ll still get to satisfy their sweet tooth, but making muffins or cupcakes from scratch has the added benefit of showing them you’re willing to put in time and effort to make them happy. It sends a message that this relationship is important to you. Find a good recipe for muffins, cupcakes, or cookies, and bake a fresh batch!

Leather gloves

Leather gloves

This is an excellent gift for anyone. Guys are particularly fun when they receive a pair of leather gloves because it tends to make them look and feel really sexy and masculine. Women usually enjoy the edginess of the look and love that they get something to pair with their favorite leather bag. All in all, this is a pretty sexy, elegant gift that isn’t quite as forward as gifting undergarments, so it’s perfect for someone who’s in a new relationship.

Tickets to a fun destination

Tickets to a fun destination

As we’ve said, there’s more to this holiday than material objects. By getting a pair of tickets for a romantic getaway you’ll be granting them a whole new experience and a chance to bond with you. A weekend spent in some cozy cabin while you enjoy long walks and snuggling under warm covers is just the thing most people need to grow closer and celebrate their relationship.


Gift giving isn’t just about the object you give, it’s about the whole process: the thought, the action, the love that comes with it. Focus on your partner and what you feel for them, and let them see your affection when Valentine’s Day comes.

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