Valentine’s Day can be tough for anyone.  But it can be another stressor on top of a couple already planning a wedding.  If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year and it’s your first year celebrating as an engaged couple, you should make this most of it and this beautiful time in your relationship.  Don’t let Valentine’s Day stress you out by putting undue stress on yourselves.  Instead treat yourself, take a break, and enjoy each other’s company.  After all, the holiday is about love and romance and, being engaged, you both are at the pinnacle of what Valentine’s Day is all about!  So find the perfect outfit and follow these four simple ways to embrace the day in a meaningful way.

1.     For Just One Day, Don’t Talk About the Wedding

If you’re engaged, you’re most likely consumed with wedding details.  You are probably also inundating your partner too.  Most likely, there isn’t a day that goes by that you haven’t thought about some aspect of the big day.  You probably want to discuss these details with your fiancé.  However, every couple needs a break from the endless talk about wedding details and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put a halt to those conversations and talk to each other about non-wedding topics. Talk until you remember why you each fell in love.  Don’t worry, you can resume wedding talks the very next day and everything will get done on time (I promise).

2.     Announce Your Big News

Whether you’ve been engaged for one week or one month (and only closest family and friends know), Valentine’s Day provides the perfect occasion to expand your exciting announcement to your entire social circle.  Everyone loves to hear about a love story so why not couple a photo of you both along with a story of how you met or became engaged.  You’ll make everyone is your circle very happy for you on Valentine’s Day!

3.     Schedule a Photo Shoot for Your Engagement

What better day to capture the love between a newly engaged couple than Valentine’s Day?  If your photographer is not booked, schedule an engagement photo shoot and then plan to go out afterward for dinner or drinks because you’ll be looking fabulous!

4.     Destress and Relax

Wedding planning can be stressful and there no better excuse than Valentine’s Day to enjoy some R&R.  Consider getting a couple’s massage, exploring the local hiking trails, or head to one of your favorite sunset spots for a few moments of bliss as you spend it together watching pure magic.

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