For those who are planning to propose to their special someone soon, you’re probably already looking for the perfect engagement ring. Because proposals and engagements are once-in-a-lifetime events, you don’t just get the first piece you see at the jewellers, rather your choice of ring should be just as extraordinary.

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Take for example an engagement ring with three stones such as the one that Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle. It’s exceptional not just because it features a larger-than-life 4-carat cushion cut diamond flanked by two smaller stones and set in yellow gold, but also because of the story behind it. The Kensington Palace shared that Prince Harry himself designed Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. The centre stone is from Botswana, while the two smaller stones flanking the diamond are from Princess Diana’s jewellery collection. According to sources, Prince Harry wanted his late mother to be with them in their “crazy journey together.”

This royal engagement shows us that every ring has its own story to tell. So, would your love story be better told by the classic solitaire ring or would a meaningful three-stone engagement ring be a more fitting choice?

What Is A Three-Stone Engagement Ring?

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De Beers introduced the three-stone diamond ring in 2001, and the ring style has since been increasing in fame. Initially launched as a wedding anniversary gift, it has become a popular choice for engagement rings too, as evidenced by Prince Harry’s selection.

The popularity of three-stone engagement rings can be attributed to its gorgeous design as well as its rich symbolism and significance. Also often referred to as the trinity or trilogy ring, it features three diamonds using the same mounting. The metal band could be in yellow or white gold, or platinum.

Traditionally, the stone in the middle is larger than those on the sides but there are designs that incorporate equally sized diamonds. The traditional graduating three-stone engagement ring features a centre diamond that weighs equal to the total of the smaller stones, which are also typically between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the centre stone. For equally-sized diamonds, each stone has the same carat weight. The degrees of graduation will vary depending on your desired ring.

Ideally, the stones come in the same cuts and shapes. The most common shapes for the centre stone are princess and round, but asscher, emerald, marquise, and oval shapes are also good options. The accent stones can come in different cuts, shapes, and colours, as long as they do not clash with the centre stone.

What Does The Engagement Ring With Three Stones Signify?

So, when you choose from custom diamond engagement rings available online and you find a ring that peaks your interest, you know you are getting more than just a piece of jewellery when you go with a three-stone engagement ring. You are getting a gorgeous ring that symbolises your love story.

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A common belief is that the three gems on the ring are said to represent the past, the present, and the future. The centre stone, which is the largest among the three, represents the present. The smaller stones on the side symbolise the past and the future.

Another symbolisation attributed to the three stones is that it represents the values of fidelity, love, and friendship.  The three stones could also symbolise something special and meaningful to a couple, such as making a commitment to love, to honour, and to cherish each other.

Plus, if you want your fiancée to have a ring that stands out from majority of brides-to-be with traditional ring styles, then the three-stone engagement ring comes highly recommended.