Jumpsuit, all of sudden has managed to put itself under the category of staples. And why not? It looks spectacular to be worn at an informal social setting or a formal one. It has managed to crown itself as one of the trending attire in the fashion industry, lately. Whether it is a red carpet event, or your best friend’s bridal shower, a jumpsuit is meant for all!

A jumpsuit is that one clothing statement which gives designers a whole lot of room to showcase their creativity—that too at their best. It almost complements every body size. It flatters each and every shape of the body considering the fact that a jumpsuit could be both loose and tight fitted. It is effortless yet a super graceful clothing attire every woman would end up falling in love with.

Let’s learn how to pick the right one and see how you can accessorize it to look stylish. You just got to be clever when it comes to sporting a jumpsuit.

How to Pick One

Floral Jumpsuit

That’s a hard one, believe me! Getting the right jumpsuit as per your body type is literally a massive achievement. We totally understand the stress, ladies. However, the sartorial ease of a jumpsuit has indeed led to its popularity. It won’t be wrong to say that the sales of jumpsuits could double in the coming years, as per reviews on Zaful Reviews UK.

If you are someone who is tall, make sure you opt for a jumpsuit piece with wide-legged pants and which ends up just above the ground. Similarly, a cropped jumpsuit will complement a short-heighted woman. It will make you look taller and sleeker. Yes, a jumpsuit is indeed that versatile. If you opt for a casual look, choose a jumpsuit with strings around the waist area. Nothing looks smarter than that!

Jumpsuit and a Jacket

A jumpsuit paired with a jacket is always a big yes. It is a year round attire so for winters a jacket is probably the best ever add-on as it accentuates both the jumpsuit and your body really well.

The addition of a jacket basically cuts the monotony of a jumpsuit and adds that oomph factor to your overall look. In a formal setting, try adding a jacket which is monotone. However, for an informal occasion, a nice, denim jacket would do the magic.

Belt It Up

Belted Jumpsuit

A belt is considered as the topmost accessory for jumpsuit. It is the most sought after solutions for all the legit jumpsuit dilemmas. It makes you look stylish no matter how formal or informal an occasion is. A jumpsuit paired with matching belt can pull off your look whether you are petite or bulky. It hugs the waist well enough to beautifully make it prominent. High-waist clothes look more feminine as they enhance your curves.

All you need to be is be careful with the choice of the color when opting for a belt as it can literally make or break your final look. A chunky beaded belt will look really good with a plain, monotone jumpsuit. On the other hand, a jumpsuit with a print would look nice with a neutral shaded belt.

The Right Footwear

Jumpsuit with Sneakers

The key to rock a jumpsuit is wearing high heels with it. It will accentuate your legs and make your over all look more appealing. Stilettoes or pumps are the right shoes to complement the jumpsuit well enough. Never, we repeat, never opt for the footwear that is flat. It will take the entire look down the drain! You’ll find many celebrities pairing their jumpsuit with sneakers at it makes them look super chic and relaxed.

To make the look more coherent, try matching your heels with the color of your belt as well as the bag you carry. It really helps in putting together the look and looks quite sexy.

Layer it, Girls

Green Striped Jumpsuit

Wearing accessories is not the only way to slay a jumpsuit look. Even layering it up can make you look modern and cool. One added advantage of layering is that you are able to beat the cold in style if it is winters out there. One way to do this is by wearing an inner or top underneath. It works quite well with a jumpsuit!

Other than this, wearing a shrug is another stylish addition. Go for a bold print if your jumpsuit happens to look a bit boring. For a sexier look, try playing with an off-shoulder top underneath or go for plunging necklines. We kid you not when we say that you are going to look one gorgeous diva with that pick!

A jumpsuit is no more an occasion wear; it has become a streamlined option when you don’t have enough options to choose from.  Remember, the right outfit with the right attitude can for sure make you look stylish and confident.


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