Your Wedding Day is a big deal, and for most women, having healthy skin, hair and body is a priority. We want to look amazing in our dresses, no matter where we get married: church, courthouse or anywhere else. There’s a lot of different tips out there, but we’ve decided to put together this list of our tips for getting your skin, hair, and body ready for your big day!

  1. Be Realistic

If you have a pixie cut and want to have naturally flowing locks to your waist for your wedding in 6 months, that’s not going to happen. Average human hair growth is around 6 inches per year.

The same goes for weight loss: have realistic goals in mind and work towards them. The worst way to approach any change is to set very high stakes goals. If you do so, you’re less likely to succeed or even stick to your plan. It’s why most people who go on very restrictive diets give up or put the weight back on.

The most important thing is to enjoy your day – including the preparations – and work towards having a day that you’ll always remember!

  1. Start Taking Vitamins


While it’s possible to get most of the vitamins and minerals we need from the food we eat, the natural occurrence of certain vitamins and minerals have depleted. With modern agriculture, it’s great that no fruits or vegetables seem to have ‘seasons’ anymore. That means many foods are produced in ‘unnatural’ settings and may not be as rich in vitamins and minerals as we think.

That’s why taking supplements are becoming more and more common, and there is a booming market in vitamins. However, picking up a multivitamin directly from the store might not be the best idea. While multivitamins could be great, taking too much of one essential nutrient over another could have side effects.

The best and safest, way to incorporate a multivitamin into your life is to speak with a nutritionist and get a vitamin and mineral pack that’s tailored specifically for you. There are a lot of custom vitamin companies out there who will recommend the best mix of complimentary supplements for you.

That means you can cater your vitamins for your needs, whether that’s a skin, hair and nail growth booster, a metabolism booster or simply some vitamin B or D, you’ll get exactly what your body needs.

  1. Get Regular Facials


There is nothing as relaxing as getting a massage or a facial, lying back, switching off and having someone massage your face, clear your pores and really deep clean your skin. It’s an amazing feeling, and it’s a great way to get your skin ready for your big day.

Facials, while they may seem like a once-off indulgence every month or so, are actually hugely beneficial to your skin on a day to day basis. You’ll also have access to expert, professional advice about the right products for your skin.

With so many products out there available to be bought on a whim, it’s tempting to just opt for one that looks pretty, is vegan, and is supposed to be ‘for x type skin’. However, a lot of skincare products are not multi-purpose and could cause damage to your skin, especially if they contain harsh chemicals.

For long term healthy skin, the best option is to seek out the advice of a professional and find out what exactly your skincare routine should consist of. You’ll be glowing!

  1. Hydrate

No matter what exercise we do, what vitamins we take and what we think we might be doing to stay healthy if we’re dehydrated our skin, hair, and body will suffer. The human body is made of about 60% water so we need to be hydrated enough to be healthy.

Many people don’t recognize when they’re thirsty, and instead, automatically think they’re hungry so it’s quite common for adults to be mildly dehydrated. When you consider that tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks don’t really hydrate us, it’s really important to drink water.

It’s recommended that adults drink around 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy and hydrated. Of course, if you’re living somewhere very hot or you exercise a lot, you will need to increase your water intake.

With proper hydration, you might see changes in your skin and hair, and you could find yourself with more energy than before. When we’re dehydrated, we get groggy, find it difficult to concentrate and our muscles get stiffer and take longer to recover from exercise.

  1. Cut Down on Refined Sugar and Processed Foods

This one might not be so easy, but it’s definitely worth trying! If you find yourself eating a lot of foods that are heavily processed or contain lots of sugar, it’s worth seeing how you feel if you cut down on them. Processed foods often don’t give us the nutrients we need, but they also don’t give us prolonged energy.

Foods like this provide us with sudden, sharp boosts of energy and can then result in us having a ‘slump. Not only that but they can cause havoc with our skin, as our bodies are not designed to process these types of foods. They can lead to unhealthy skin, leaving it lifeless and dull at best, or cause a breakout.

These foods are also the main component of weight gain. Of course, exercising is great for our physical – and mental health – but weight loss is primarily dependent on what we eat. That means cutting down on refined sugar and processed foods could lead to the last stubborn pounds being shed.

Moderation is the best medicine, though, so make sure anything you do is done in such a way as it is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Quick fixes when it comes to diet and exercise don’t have huge success rates, so it’s definitely needed to take it slow and steady.

  1. Enjoy the Experience!

Salad - Enjoy the Experience

Okay, so you want to have perfect skin, hair, and the perfect body for your big day. And you want your guests to enjoy the occasion, too. But ultimately this is your day. There’s no point in worrying and stressing over so many things that you don’t get to experience wedding planning for what it is: exciting!

There are so many decisions that are in your control, and it’s probably the only time you’ll really get to plan something so big and tailored just for you, so enjoy it! Confidence is the sexiest thing in the world, so no matter what, be confident in yourself and you’ll shine!