The jewelry trends from the Spring/Summer 2019 runways were, in a word, bold!  Check out the eight top trends for this season below.

1. Coins

This season, everything from necklaces to earrings accentuated with coins have taken center stage.  Many outfits on the runways were adorned with this trend.

Coin Necklace
Jacquie Aiche Antique Coin Necklace

Coin Jewelry
Alighieri The Remedy Chapter II Gold-Plated Pearl Necklace

2. Celestial Bodies

Celestial jewelry comes in and out of style in the sartorial world almost like clockwork.  For this season, the trend is grounded enough for fashionistas and jewelry enthusiasts to enjoy!

Starry 1
Stone and Strand Gold Diamond Earrings

Celestial Jewelry
Brooke Gregson Aries 14-Karat Gold Diamond Necklace

3. Hoop Earrings

Hoops are one jewelry trend that will never go out of style, but every season, there are a few tweaks that make the earring style even more relevant than before. This season, the timeless style is taking on a bulkier shape, making it impossible to miss.

Hoop Earrings
Laura Lombardi Anima Gold-Tone Hoop Earrings

Hoop EarringsLuv AJ Casmir Tube Hoops

4. Charms

The nostalgic jewelry trend you loved as a child is officially back and designers have been all over this trend.  Charm bracelets and necklaces are unique to their owners so the possibilities in creating one are endless.

Charm Necklace
Ariel Gordon Frutta Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet
Burberry Crystal Charm Gold and Palladium-Plated Bracelet

5. Links

Chains of all kinds are popping up everywhere from the runway to fine jewelry designers’ new arrivals all over the world.

Link Necklace
Urban Outfitters Harlow Link Chain Necklace

Link Earrings
Zoe Chicco 14K Oval Link and Dangling Bezel Diamond Earrings

6. Colorful Enamel

The colored enamel trend started last season, and luckily, the trend is sticking around for yet another season. Now our jewelry wardrobes will continue to be filled with playful colors and unique silhouettes.

Enamel Jewelry
Roxanne Assoulin Hibiscus Bracelets

Enamel Ring
Bea Bongiasca Composable Vine Ring

7. Floral Patterns

Floral patterns and prints dominated the S/S 2019 runways and not just on the designs.  The jewelry partook in this trend as well.  From the dainty to the overpowering, this jewelry trend certainly made a statement.

Flower Necklace
Colette Jewelry Ivy 18K Rose Gold Pendant Necklace

Flower EarringsMarni Cotton Flower and Rhinestone Earrings

8. Drop Earrings

Drop earrings have made a powerful statement this season.  Obviously, this is quite fitting because they were created to make a statement.

Drop Earrings
Leigh Miller Lily Drops Gold-Tone

Drop Earrings
Little H Tahitian Pearl and Emerald Point Collection Dangle Earrings