Details. Details. Details.  That’s what makes a wedding special and memorable.  Of course, if you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve pretty much seen all the ordinary pomp and circumstance.  There were flowers, one or two cakes, music, and the dress.  However, what’s missing is guest participation and special details that make everyone feel part of the wedding experience.  Listed below are twelve suggestions to include in your wedding to make your guests feel like they are part of your big day!

1. Postcards for Out-of-Town Weddings/Guests

Back of Postcard

Write a welcome note for your out-of-town guests on postcards from the city that your wedding takes place. It’s a nice personal touch that shows tremendous thought as well as a keepsake that can be saved with photos of the wedding.

2. About the Wedding Party

Include an “About the Wedding Party” section in your programs or on the reception tables for your guests to learn more about the members of your wedding party.  This will let guests know how everyone in the wedding party is related or knows each other.

3. Hang Your Wedding Dress on a Silk Hanger

Silk Hanger

Hang your dress on a beautiful silk coat hanger when you arrive at the venue on the day of your wedding. People will be taking photographs of the dress before you put it on so you’ll want to display is perfectly.

4. Tissues and Handkerchiefs


Place DIY tissue boxes (see above and link below) or personalized embroidered handkerchiefs in the rows where family will be seated for their “happy tears”. To DIY these cute tissue boxes, follow this link to learn how to make them!

5. Write a Letter to Your Parents

Thank You Stationery

Write a letter to your mom and dad and have it waiting for them at their seat during the ceremony.  It could be about anything, just be sure it comes from the heart. They will be so touched and honored that you took the time to arrange for this special tribute.

6. Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid's Bouquet

Have each bridesmaid carry a bouquet made entirely of their favorite flower. Then have your bridal bouquet made with a combination of all of their flowers.

7. Honor Loved Ones Not Present


For family members who have passed away or cannot physically be there with you, wear something of theirs so that they are with you. It could be a lapel pin tied to the ribbon of your bouquet, your great aunt’s pearls, or your grandmother’s handkerchief.

8. Meaningful Ceremony Start Time

Pick a special ceremony start time, like 3:24 pm.  This could be the exact time he proposed to you or the time of your first date.  Regardless, make it a start time that’s meaningful to you, your groom, and your relationship.

9. Serve Cocktails from Tradition

Blue Cocktail

Design your cocktails from a “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” menu. Take recommendations from special people in the wedding party for their favorite old/classic drink, a new/modern drink, a favorite borrowed unique drink recipe, and a blue cocktail.

10. Place Cards Love Quotes

Write special love quotes on the inside of everyone’s place cards.

11. Table Fun

Prepare each reception table with small photo albums, notecards, and a disposable camera. Create a sign asking each guest to write some words of wisdom on the notecards and put the card into the photo album. Be sure that each guest knows to take a photo of everyone at the table. After the wedding, you can combine the notecards on the same page as the photograph and you’ll have a special keepsake of every guest at your wedding.

12. Special Dance

Be sure to have a first dance for your parents and married siblings played at the reception. Also, make certain that the DJ or band recognizes them when its played.

Couple Dancing