After all those months of planning out your wedding and hoping that it all turns out the way you expected it to be, the best and the most relaxing part is supposed to be what comes after – the honeymoon. This is, for many couples out there, a trip of a lifetime that will mark the beginning of a true union – a life together as a married couple. Of course, it is also an opportunity to take a romantic journey together to a place that you have always wanted to go to with your partner. There is a myriad of wonderful options out there, such as Italy, France, Bali, the Maldives, and so on.

However, even the whole honeymoon part of the wedding requires its own planning. If you want this vacation to truly be perfect, you cannot just wing it, as it can end up being worse than your worst-case scenario for the wedding preparations. So, there is still a bit more stress that you have to undertake before you decide where you want to go to with your loved one. Lucky for you, in this article, we are going to go through some of the things that you need to take into consideration so that your planning process is a lot easier.

Start with a list of favourite things and proper funds

A great way to determine what the best location for your honeymoon would be is not to think of locations, but rather of things that matter to you in order to have the perfect experience. You should both write these things down and then compare them. It could be beaches, art, cuisine, nature, spa, history, or whatever else you want to experience during your romantic getaway.

So, for example, Italy may be the place that you have always wanted to visit, but you should narrow down the exact area or city according to your interests. If history is your thing, then Rome is certainly going to be the city of your dreams. However, if both of you feel more like having your own private time on a beach or in a spa, maybe you want to pick a different location, such as Tahiti.

Of course, in order to make all this possible, you need to start off with a certain budget. It can be a great idea to gather funds via a source such as Honeyfund. It is basically a kind of crowdfunding, where all your wedding guests throw in as much money as they want to make your perfect vacation come true.

Plan just the perfect itinerary

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Planning a perfect itinerary for your honeymoon needs a gentle touch. Quite often, couples want to see way too many things during the limited period of time that they have, which usually ends up turning the whole honeymoon vacation into an exhausting experience instead of a romantic getaway where you can rest and enjoy your time together.

A honeymoon isn’t a guided tour, and it certainly isn’t the point to see everything as much as it is to have the most intimate holiday of your life. Therefore, your itinerary needs to cover the things you want to see but also leave a lot of quiet and peaceful time for yourselves, and focus a lot on your intimacy.

It is also a really bad idea to copy someone else’s itinerary. They had a great time and you want to have what they have had? All that may sound just neat, but the fact is that what works for one couple doesn’t mean that it is going to work for you. It is wise to take advice from people who think the way you do, but always do it with a pinch of salt.

This is your moment, and you need to tailor it perfectly according to your desires and needs. Of course, you need to plan together and make sure that you agree over every detail, such as the means of travel, accommodation, and so on. Sometimes couples intend to go to faraway locations and experience a different culture during their honeymoon vacation. For example, a couple from Australia may want to visit Europe or Asia. This means that they should check in with a good charter network, such as Air Charter Network, in order to make sure that the whole “how to get where we want” part is properly planned and scheduled.

Don’t go right away if you don’t feel like the time is right

You do know that the honeymoon doesn’t have to happen right after the wedding? This is something that happens in romantic movies – the couple gets wed and then they rush straight to the destination from their dreams.

In reality, this is usually not the best idea. The whole wedding ceremony often takes so much time and effort to plan and execute, that the best way to go is to take some time to catch a breath before you board an aeroplane and travel to an unfamiliar destination. The wedding is bound to leave you exhausted, and it is most often wise to take the trip once you have recuperated and feel ready to have the best vacation of your life.

In reality, a number of things may be in the way after you have become husband and wife, so it is best that you take care of them if you haven’t had the chance earlier, so that you can travel with a peaceful mind, without any worries about what is happening at home, waiting for you to return to it. So, take your time and choose the right moment for your trip of a lifetime.

Make your trip during the offseason


If you really want to visit a well-known honeymoon destination for a cheaper price, you should plan for the offseason (or, what is in the travel industry better known as the shoulder season). This is something that is particularly applicable to locations such as the Caribbean or Maldives, which have great offers from April to December, or even Africa. You can literally save hundreds of bucks by planning your trip this way.

Safari destinations are known for their green season (from January to May). This is the period where it tends to rain a lot more, but the surroundings are a lot more luscious as a result. You can decide to have your honeymoon in Kenya, where you will be able to pay about $1,200 per night during the shoulder season. You can also find a lodge, which can come with a pretty good discount.

In Summation

When you plan a honeymoon trip, it is very important that you slow down. There really is no rush, and without proper planning, your trip can become an exhausting and not-so-wonderful experience instead of the wonderful time that you want to spend with your loved one.

Once you have everything set up, and reach the destination of your dreams, make sure that you experience the foreign culture the best way possible, but also spend enough intimate time with your spouse, as the whole point of this trip is to have a wonderful moment together that you are going to remember for the rest of your lives.

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