If you work from home like I do, you know that there is nothing more frustrating and demotivating like a disorganized, uncomfortable, and artless home office.  We can forgive a bit of messiness from time to time (I’m looking at some now), but a workplace that is devoid of all character and inspires nothing is unacceptable.  You workplace must reflect you and, most importantly, must inspire you!

Along with the following six steps that I suggest that you take to get your home office in motivational mode, I am also including inspirational photos of different offices and desks to inspire you.  I hope that it does the trick!

1.     Seek Out the Light

When deciding upon where to set up your workspace, pick a spot with lots of bright, indirect, natural light.  Ideally, your workspace would be near a window as long as the light isn’t glaring.  A beautiful view would be a plus!  Studies has shown that bright light improves mood and productivity. You’ll work better and feel better if you are near natural light.

1 - Apartment Therapy

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

2 - Decoist

Photo Courtesy of Decoist

3 - Atl Girls

Photo Courtesy of Atl Girls

2.     Desk Matters

Whether you’re buying a brand new desk, upcycling an old one, or building one from scratch, you have several things to consider.  Take into account the space it’s going to fit into, your surface space and storage needs, and the style you have in mind. Ergonomics are an important component as you’ll likely be spending a lot of time at your desk.  For help, here’s A Quick Tip to Find Your Ideal Desk Height.

4 - Ashlee McClung

Photo Courtesy of Ashlee McClung

5 - Tess Guinery

Photo Courtesy of Tess Guinery

3.     Chair Essentials

Having decided to no longer work from bed or the kitchen counter and to finally settle into a bona fide home office, you deserve a great chair.  Choose one that weighs light but provides good back support.  If you are stuck with a not-so-comfy chair, soften it with a cushion or throw. And if you have a chair that looks too “officey”,  here’s a simple idea to help make your chair blend into your home.

6 - Design Sponge

Photo Courtesy of Design Sponge

7 - Sarah Lis Smith

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Lis Smith via West Elm

4.     Purge, Then Organize

I’m not an organization expert, but what I do know is that everytime that I’ve cleaned out and gotten rid of things that I don’t use or rarely use, it’s made it so much easier to organize what items are left.  So go ahead and purge that growing pile of magazine clippings that are inspiring nothing but dust.  Purge before you decide on wall shelves and other organizational supplies.  Organizing your home office will be much simpler if you do.

8 - Alt Girls

Photo Courtesy of Atl Girls

9 - Homedit

Photo Courtesy of Homedit via Brit + Co

5.     Plant Extravagana

You don’t have to have a green thumb to have a few plants on your desks and in your home office.  Having two or three (or more) as decor will fill the room with greenery and serve as inspiration for creativity.  The benefits of having them will far outweigh the care they’ll need from you. Don’t know which plant? Here’s a quick guide to picking the perfect office plant

10 - Decoist

Photo Courtesy of Decoist

11 - My Domaine

Photo Courtesy of Riika Kantinkoski via My Domaine

12 Front + Main

Photo Courtesy of Front + Main

6.     And Finally, Inspiration

Don’t forget to liven up your workspace with some inspiring art and objects that you love. Curate them well and let them remind you of why you do what you do. This is especially true when your work is your life, and because sometimes, even the work you love can feel like work.

“Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one.” – Stella Adler

13 - Entrepreneur

Photo Courtesy of Patric Johannson via Entrepreneur 

14 The Every Girl

Photo Courtesy of The Every Girl

15 - Front + Main

Photo Courtesy of Front + Main

For more inspiration, visit TopReveal.com’s article “28 Home Office Decorating Ideas Designed to Make Work Fun”.

What inspires you about your home office? Do any of these tips inspire you?


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