I love watching YouTube for inspiration and entertainment.  It’s always giving me ideas for blog posts or how to incorporate better habits into my daily routine.  Regardless of their purpose, I get so much from watching the YouTube channels that I’m listing below.

Motivational / Inspirational

AmyTV / Amy Landino
A self-proclaimed introvert, Amy Landino is a best-selling author, speaker, YouTube sensation as the host of #AmyTV, entrepreneur, and so much more!  I have enjoyed her advice on everything from smart business practices to her book club to personal development strategies.  Plus, she gives great skincare advice! Subscribe to her channel for an enormous amount of useful information about life and work.

Carly Cristman 
Chock-full of a myriad of topics, Carly covers almost everything on her YouTube channel.  Her video “How to Look Good in Every Picture” has reached over three million viewers and it continues to grow. From closet organization to her own personal engagement in Paris, this channel has it all.  Don’t miss out on this valuable information – subscribe today!


Busbee Style / Erin Busbee
Erin is the most down-to-earth, approachable YouTubber that I’ve had the pleasure to watch.  As a stylist, she is very knowledgeable about “the basics”  and neutrals when it comes to wardrobe staples.  She eloquently explains how to wear each basic piece so that it looks modern.  Subscribing to Erin’s channel will ensure that you stay on top of the fashion world.

Shea Whitney Style / Shea Whitney
Luxurious is the one word that I would use to describe Shea’s wardrobe and her YouTube channel.  She has a dream closet complete with a chaise lounge and a perfect place for everything.  You  can name any luxury designer and she has a handbag, wallet, belt, or article of clothing by that designer.  Shea is very amiable and has a great onscreen personality.  I love watching her channel and I urge you to subscribe as well!

Kim XO
As a stylist, Kim offers great perspective on the secrets that stylists have that make every outfit look great!  She has wonderful videos on wardrobe essentials and what to wear to certain events. Kim’s YouTube channel is both educational and fun!  I feel like I’ve learned so much from her.


Glam Life Guru / Tati Westbrook
Tati is the authority for makeup selection and application.  I have learned so much for her like how important primer application is before applying makeup and how to do a precise smoky eye.  Her YouTube channel is full of wonderful information about makeup and skincare.  Check it out and start learning proper makeup tips today!

Dominique Sachse
With 25 years of experience in TV news, Dominique has learned to be self-sufficient with her hair, makeup, and wardrobe.  Along the way this self-sufficiency grew into creative self-expression through these avenues.  Through her YouTube channel, she strives to impart her knowledge and empower women to be their best self.  Going beyond simple makeup routines, Dominique seeks to address other subjects such as confidence and organization to help better women’s lives.

Wayne Goss
With 15 years of makeup experience, Wayne is an authority on its selection and application.  He desires to share with his viewers everything that he has learned through the years. Wayne says that by breaking things down into simple, easily manageable segments, even the most complicated looks can become easy.  Wayne’s YouTube channel is wildly popular and so are his techniques.  If you care about makeup, this is the channel to subscribe!

Do You Have a Favorite YouTube Channel?  Please Share!