Summer is officially here and that means that we can finally wear all of our favourite summer pieces. Tired of all the greys and beiges that we have worn almost every single day during the previous winter, it is understandable that we cannot wait to hop into our summer clothes that consist of gorgeous, vibrant colours. Therefore, you may know what colours you want to wear during this summer, but what about the fabrics?

Do polyester and summer make a good couple? The answer is: not really. But, do not worry; we have found 5 amazing fabrics that you can enjoy during the summer.



A classic material that most people prefer to wear during the warmer days. Being a natural fibre, cotton allows for the air to circulate and allows you to move comfortably while wearing it. No wonder why so many girls simply adore wearing a cute summer dress, as some of the best maxi dresses are made of pure cotton. Additionally, cotton dries pretty quickly, so it seems like the perfect material for those long days during a heatwave. Fashion-wise, a cotton maxi dress or another stable piece such as a cotton white T-shirt, are both versatile pieces that can easily be combined with other items and can look trendy when worn for a daytime outing, as well as for a night-time look.

Silk crepe

Silk crepe

If you don’t own a clothing piece made out of this incredible fabric, you need to get some immediately. Silk crepe is comfortable enough to be worn during the hottest days and its specific crisp and crimped texture gives the fabric a unique and beautiful appearance. There are many different clothing items that can be made out of this material, but a beautiful silk crepe dress is without a doubt an item that every girl should have in her wardrobe. Online brands that offer silk crepe pieces, such as the amazing Realisation clothing, have some gorgeous dresses made out of 100% silk crepe and you can certainly find a lovely dress (or more than one) that perfectly describes your fashion style. Colour-wise, you should know that silk crepe pieces come in delightful shades of the ultimate colour for summer, white, but other colours and cool, summery patterns are also an option to go for.



Probably the second most famous material for summer clothes, after cotton. However, this reputation and the popularity of linen as a fabric is completely deserved. People have been wearing this natural fibre for centuries, as it is so lightweight that is allows the heat to vanish from the body. In addition, it absorbs moisture well and dries in no time, similarly to cotton. When it comes to fashion, linen is used and loved for pieces such as dresses, pants, shirts and many more. For instance, a chic linen suit certainly deserves the title of one of the most stylish suits and it is a perfect choice for a casual brunch, as well as for a work meeting.



A summer version of denim, the lightweight chambray is the material of choice for many women during the hottest days. This plaid weave material, with a white yarn in the weft, will keep you cool and feeling comfortable, as your body will be able to breathe through it. You can opt for a classic chambray shirt that you can style in numerous ways, or you can go for a cute dress made out of the same material, which you can use to create an amazing summer look in no time.



This flexible fabric is a popular choice for many summer items, from airy dresses to cute cover-ups for a day at the beach. Furthermore, a charming tunic dress made out of jersey is an excellent summer wardrobe choice, as it can be easily paired with some funky flat sandals to get a cute and effortless look, while the loose jersey won’t unpleasantly stick to your body. In case you are going for a bit more elegant outfit, a pair of jersey trousers, preferably wide-leg as they are both comfy and trendy, matched with a simple, spaghetti-straps top and some high heels will make you look incredibly sophisticated.

Lastly, we hope that some of these fabrics will help you enjoy the hot summer days, as they will provide you to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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