Accessories add finishing touches to any outfit.  These 12 accessories can complete your look and have you looking stunning at any event.  Finding the right combination of accessories for each outfit is an art, but you will become great at it with practice.

1.  Chain Strap Bag

While a gold strap may be a small detail, it can have a big impact.  It can transform a relaxed bag into high fashion glamour.

Chain Strap Bag

2.  Chunky Ring

Costume jewelry is a wonderful way to add a unique twist to your look. You can also coordinate it with your bag for a more coordinated look.

Chunky Ring

3.  Classic Watch

A classic watch says ‘polished’ regardless of how you feel or think you look.  It’s impossible not to feel great when wearing one!

Classic Watch

4.  Colorful Bag

If you’re wearing neutrals or head-to-toe black, a pop of color might spruce up your outfit and make it stand out.  Try a bold color and enjoy the ambiance it creates with your outfit.

Colorful Bag

5.  Cross Body Bag

These bags are perfect for shopping days when you need to be hands-free!

Cross Body Bag

6.  Cuff

A one-piece of jewelry that will garner compliments wherever you go.  You can choose for the piece to be embellished or keep it simple.


7.  Hat

Hats are quite chic and can hide a bad hair day very easily!


8.  Luxury Flats

For luxury, choose a flat shoe that’s embellished or made from a fabric like velvet.  You’ll stand out wherever you go!

Luxury Flats

9.  Metallic Clutch

This accessory will elevate your daytime look from boring to chic!

Metallic Clutch

10.  Heel with Ankle Strap

This ankle strap heel will look great on your legs while making your ankle sturdier when you walk.  The ankle strap adds a nice touch as an accessory to any outfit.

Heel with Strap

11. Snakeskin Clutch

Animal print is quite on the mark these days.  Try carrying a clutch with snakeskin print or any animal print for that matter!

Snakeskin Clutch


12.  Waist Belt

A waist belt is worn a few inches above the regular belt line and its purpose is to cinch the waist to create and hourglass shape.  You’ll love the shape it creates!

Waist Belt