What may not be as widely known is that we have to thank Asian women for some of the greatest beauty secrets. Because of their fair and delicate skin, they mostly use natural products and invest their time and money into a perfect routine that every woman can try. So, we are bringing some of the best tips and tricks you can incorporate into your beauty routine.

Never skip a facial

Never skip a facial

Although many women have started getting facials, one of the reasons why this works so well for Asian women is that they don’t skip it. Facials show positive effects and have multiple benefits when you get them regularly, which is why it is time to find a beautician and see what works best for you. Asian facial treatments include cleansing and opening up your pores, but they rarely include extracting blackheads or pimples. Instead, they more often include enzymes and hydrating sheet masks for your skin type.

Another great thing we have to thank Asian women for is being so advanced technology-wise, that they book their spa, facial and other treatments via apps mostly. This allows you to find the best spa treatment in Hong Kong, for example, in a matter of minutes and have all the information you need.

Use a roller

Use a roller

We have all wondered how do Asian women have youthful, wrinkle-free skin. Well, a good start is that they use rollers which are a part of the anti-aging routine. The whole point of a roller is to stimulate your blood vessels and improve blood flow in your skin. It is a known fact that low blood flow leads to the dark under-eye area, which makes you look even more tired and dry. By massaging your face for a few minutes with a roller, your circulation will improve, and it will create the perfect base for the rest of your skincare routine because the products will be absorbed better.

Oil-based products

Oil-based products

While many western beauty gurus turn away from oils and use cleansers and toners instead, Asian women believe in oils and their benefits for your skin. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin because cleansing products that have oil will gently remove the impurities and makeup. Cleansing oils do their magic by dissolving other oils from makeup, sunscreen, and sebum, leaving your skin plump and clean. The best choice is products without mineral oils, because they can make your skin break out, and they tend to stay on the skin longer, making it look oily. Besides, what is better for hydrating and moisturizing your skin than a good oil-based product?

Layering products

Layering products

If you want a dewy, plump, healthy skin, layering products is one of the biggest secrets. This method consists of putting seven layers of toner on your face, one after the other. This helps increase the moisture of your face without having to use too many creams and serums that may leave your skin looking oily and greasy. What you get is dewy and firm skin. You can achieve this with just one toner, but make sure you choose the right one for your skin. And since we are on the topic of layering products, another good trick is to layer it in the right order. And here is how you can layer the basic products: cleanser, toner, booster, serum, ampoule, emulsion, eye cream, night cream, and an optional sheet mask. The idea is to go from the thinnest to the thickest.

Taking care of your skin from the inside

Taking care of your skin from the inside

All of these steps can help you get clear, glowing skin. However, none of it will have a long-term effect if you don’t take care of your skin from the inside. This means following the right diet. Green tea is one of the examples that can help you in the process because it can detox your skin, and it has an anti-aging effect. Fish maw, sea cucumber, and snow fungus are just some examples of foods rich in collagen, which are great for your skin. One more thing Asian women swear by is not eating too much refined sugar because it can cause acne. On the other hand, rice and rice water, wheat, and fish are what you should eat more of.

It seems that Asian women have mixed the traditional, old beauty secrets and new technology and knowledge and created a perfect routine that provides them with beautiful, youthful skin. We are sure you can get the same effect if you follow these tips religiously as they do.

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