Are you looking forward to gracing your most significant life occasion? If 2020 is your year of walking down the aisle, then nothing will hold you back. A great outfit idea is all you need to have your bridesmaids looking appealing for the big day.

Bridesmaids are essential at any wedding. Not only do they make it colorful but also act as a pillar to the bride. To have a dream wedding, you have the best bridesmaid dress ideas in mind.

Below are some of the best bridesmaid dress ideas for 2020 to consider. Read on!

1.   High Slits

Which bridesmaids don’t look overly incredible with high slits? 2020 will be all about showing off some leg- this will be perfectly accomplished by the thigh-high slits.

One good thing with high slits is that they go well with high heels, wedding’s no. 1 shoe choice. High slits will add a sense of youthfulness and fashion-forwardness.

Slits can be altered to reveal the right amount of skin, so you don’t have to worry about offending anyone. When going for a high slit, make sure you don’t overdo it- let it be neat and of the right size.

2.   One-Shoulder Necklines

Looking forward to a colorful yet classy wedding outfit? You will like the photography session if you go for the one-shoulder necklines. These dresses are not only amazing but also provide the ultimate elegance and flair combination.

Once prevalent in the eighties, this fashion is making a comeback in 2020 and designers are already into it. This is one of the best bridesmaid dress ideas for 2020 that the world isn’t ready for.

The one-shoulder neckline dresses make bridesmaids look young energetic. With the right color combination, one-shoulder necklines will give you a super appealing look. If you have many bridesmaids, look for this one- it’s flattering and fits all body types.

3.   Satin Dresses

Satin Dresses

Do you want your bridesmaids to rock and look chic during a wedding? There isn’t a better way to keep your bridesmaids glittering and shiny that with satin dresses. They are smooth and ooze elegance.

Made with slinky fabrics, they portray a minimalist-inspired look and blends well with modern silhouettes. Consider what Azazie offer if you don’t want flaws in this dressing code.

4.   Crepe Dresses

Crepe Dresses

If you want to add some unique vibe in your wedding, think of crepe dresses for your maids. Crepe is silk, synthetic fiber fabric or wool made with a distinctively crisp appearance. It’s this stretchy-yet-distinctively fabric that creates a unique modern vibe.

While they are universally flattering, crepe dresses are going to be the mainstream in 2020. Crepe dresses can incorporate different designs such as the avant-garde capes and boho bell sleeves.

5.   Puffy Sleeves

Popular during the 80s and 90s, puffy sleeves will to make a comeback in 2020. They will bring forward the classic moments of 4 decades ago when everything was calm and composed. With the off-the-shoulder versions of the puffy sleeves creating some pure romance, these dresses will be trendy.

When paired with a clean silhouette, these dresses bring a look that won’t disappoint. Detachable sleeves are ideal if you aren’t looking to coming to that look for long.

6.   Purist Blue Dresses

Purist Blue Dresses

What other dreamy colors can you have rather than the purist blue? It’s on top of many designer’s lists, and it’s undoubtedly going to be a sensation. If you want a color that associates with calmness and cool, then the purist blue is the best option.

Symbolic of the skies and seas, purist blue embodies a rare sort of escapism, peace, and meditation. As a wedding is mostly a spiritual activity, this dress idea compliments spirituality. Besides being a vibrant color, it creates a promise of trust and subtlety.

7.   Slip Dresses

Another bridal fashion revival for 2020 is the slip dress trend that was once the mainstream in the ’90s. Once popular among style icons such as Kate Moss, these slinky dresses will be something to watch out for. Girls love them a lot, and you can only give this love back by having them for your wedding maids.

Slip dresses highlight the sexy details anyone would wish for. If your maids want to look a little elegant, this curve-skimming silhouette will be perfect.

8.   Wrap Dresses

Portraying a sense of majesty and versatility, these are among the best bridesmaid dress ideas for 2020. They are universally flattering and has appeared in many bridesmaid collection for some seasons. Designers are already looking to create a whole new bridal experience with this exquisite fashion trend.

As this silhouette goes with different fabrics such as satin and georgette, it might be the best thing in 2020.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking to have a splendid wedding with unique bridal clothing? You can consider one of the above bridal dress ideas. All you need is an excellent sense of fashion for the occasion.


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